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I created the universe, but I need money from you.
I created the universe, but I need money from you.

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I think I'll just keep posting as +Larry O'Heam for now. Google+ doesn't give me a way to post to both that and +almightygod without giving you duplicates. So, if you stopped following Larry, start again.

It's nice to see a pedophilia/coverup scandal that doesn't involve the Catholic Church. And nice to see outrage about it.

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From R. Crumb's Genesis. It's an illustrated version of the first book of the Bible that follows the text very closely. It will freak you the fuck out. Read it.

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Some Christians are discussing how weird the Bible is. Care to join them? Be nice!

What's the difference between prayer and masturbation? When you're done masturbating, you have something to show for it.

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A letter from God:

Here I am. Worship me.
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