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Did you have your ABC's today?
Did you have your ABC's today?

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One of the most important health testimonials you will watch!
Do you ever think "That will never happen to me?" Realistically we all think that, but what happens when "that" does happen, especially health related? On a recent "Half-Hour to Health" I had a guest who had the beginnings of "that" but through changes (without medication) he is starting to see positive results. A must watch!

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This week's GTK from +Dr. Bob DeMaria - Men's Health: Pain. Find out how to live with NO pain.
Living with pain (physical) can limit productivity, causes aggravation, and is just not all-round enjoyable. What if I told you that you can live pain free? In my GTK Men's Health: Pain, I discuss just that, and how you can live with NO pain without medication. Let me know what you think, you'll be glad you did!

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Y yes, you should watch this.
Hello Everyone (Especially my Y Chromosome viewers, which should be everyone on +Google+. My +Drugless Doctor GTK this week is on Men's Health, with the focus on health during every stage of life. Learn and apply these simple, drugless tips so you can continue adding value in your workplace, home, and neighborhood. You'll be glad you did!

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A GTK with a subject that has started wars, online dating, and Wang Chung.
Hi Everyone! For this week's +Drugless Doctor GTK, why don't you take a 'leap' and spend 7 minutes watching what I say about Sex & Romance. Find out the 3 S's that are antagonists to intimacy, you and your spouse will be very glad you did!

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Are you on +Twitter and enjoy +coffee? Our new promotion via +Drugless Doctor is quite simple:
1. Follow me on Twitter
2. Retweet my DB Daily to your Twitter network
3. Whoever retweets the most DB Daily's at the end of the month will win a free pound of Dr. Bob's 1/2 Reg 1/2 Decaf Organic Coffee.

You'll be glad you did!

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You CAN lower your cholesterol without prescription medication.
Hi Everyone! Do you know what your cholesterol number is? What should you do if it is above 230? I talk about this and three foods that will help lower your cholesterol, up to 40% (without Lipitor). Enjoy, you'll be glad you did!

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Thank you Mustard Seed Market in Akron, OH for hosting and TBN for televising. Stay tuned for more episodes!
Does the thought of grocery shopping give you a headache? "Is this product healthy?" "What do these ingredients mean?" The first episode of "Grocery Shopping with Dr. Bob" will hopefully answer some questions to make grocery shopping beneficial for the health of you and your family.

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Do you have questions about what nutritional supplements to take? Join us for this content-heavy webinar.
I will be a guest of Biotics Research for a webinar on 'Basic' supplementation today at 1 pm EST. If you are a health practitioner, there is also a possibility to receive CE credits from the Nutritional Therapy Association. We will also be 'live-Tweeting' the event via my +Twitter handle,@DruglessDoctor. See you there!

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It's beginning to be the late-afternoon, evening for Valentine's Day. Do you have plans with your spouse or partner? The +Drugless Doctor gift to you is my GTK on 'Sex & Romance'. You'll be glad you did!

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Join Dr. Bob the +Drugless Doctor on the Miracle Channel via +Skype at 1 pm EST discussing "Sex and Romance", you'll be VERY glad you did.
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