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Personal Update
Hello friends, I just wanted to take a moment to share a personal update for my wife and I. We are so thrilled to report that after 3 years of begging, pleading, and convincing, our area will finally be starting a pornography addiction recovery group. Our f...

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Dear “Addi” I am about to be Excommunicated and I'm scared! (Part 3)
Excommunication part 3:  " How will my life change after being excommunicated? How will I have the strength to withstand the temptations of addiction if I no longer have the gift of the holy ghost with me?" Yes… your life is going to change.  I'm not going ...

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Dear Addi Post, 'Should I Confess?'
Addi has a new post ready. A good young return missionary is struggling with confessions questions. Addi gives his 2 cents on how the young man should aproach confession. Find the newest post here. Dear Addi, Should I confess?

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Dear Addi, Should I Confess?
Dear Addi, Thank you for your posts. It has helped me a little with what I've been struggling with. I really need help right now. My heart is broken right now. I just got back from a successful mission and it's been almost three years since the last time I'...

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'The Anatomy of a Slip' - What the heck is he thinking?
New Dear Addi Post!! 'Addi' breaks down the ' Anatomy of a Slip ' What goes through an addicts mind before, during and after a slip? Follow this link to read the newest post!!!

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Dear Addi, What goes through his mind during a slip?
Dear 'Addi', Can you help me understand what goes through My husband's mind before, during, and after a slip? I can't wrap my mind around why he still gives in when he has been fighting so hard and winning for so long. This is a GREAT question. It is the sa...

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Dear Addi Personal Update!
A Personal Update from "Dear Addi" has Just been posted. You can Check it out here.

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Personal Update. 2.5 Years and Counting!
A few weeks ago, my wife asked me if I would write an update about where I am now, 2.5 years after my betrayal, confession, and the beginning of my repentance process.  It has taken me a few weeks to start writing this because... there was a lot to consider...

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Equal Priesthood time!
(His story) I just posted step 8 in "How do I help my wife Heal."  It's called...Make sure she gets time with her priesthood leaders too!  You can find it here: I have written it fr...

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Step 8 in "how do I help my wife heal?"...Make sure she gets time with her priesthood leaders too!
8. Make sure she gets time with her priesthood leaders too. Throughout the entire secrecy of my addiction, I always knew that someday I would need to face my priesthood leaders and confess everything. I ‘knew’ I would need to, however, I always convinced my...
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