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"If Title II gives Google pole access, then it might really rock the world with broadband access," former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt told the WSJ.

Now we're talking.

How-To: Using the Plex Android app over SSH

Summary: Using this method, only your SSH port needs to be open on your firewall, and no '' login is required.

I've seen a number of posts in various places clearly stating that you can't use Plex over SSH or VPNs because DLNA needs UDP and SSH can only tunnel TCP. 

That's all true, but actually irrelevant. Plex only needs the UDP portion of DLNA when the app's player is used. If you tell Plex to play content using an external player (like VLC), you only need to tunnel TCP. Plex will then hand-off a URL to the player, and it's all good.

The SSH set-up is as follows (I use VX Connectbot):

For the SSH login to the network your Plex server is on:

1. Add a port forward for the primary Plex port (by default 32400). Local port 32400 should be forwarded to the server's LAN IP address port 32400. This works, because once the SSH connection is established, the server is reachable.

   Nickname: Plex
   Type: Local
   Source port: 32400

In the example above, is the address of the Plex server.

2. Add a port forward for the Plex TCP DLNA port (32469). This is the port that Plex uses to retrieve content metadata. Local port 32469 should be forwarded to the server's LAN IP address port 32469.

   Nickname: Plex DLNA
   Type: Local
   Source port: 32469

Again, is the address of the Plex server.

Now, set up the Plex application:

1. In Plex Settings -> General -> Device Media Profile -> Media Profile, select External Player

2. In Plex Settings -> System, turn off Network discovery

3. In Plex Settings -> Advanced -> Manual connection, Enable manual connections and then enter two configurations:

   Port: 32400

   Port: 32400

Again, is the address of the Plex server on your local LAN.

Test the Plex app to verify it works correctly when connected to your home network.

Now, when connected to a foreign network (friends house, library, Starbucks, etc.), start your SSH app and login. Your tunnels will be established automatically. Run Plex, and it should find the connections to the server via the tunnels. When you play your content, your external player will be launched and it should work normally.

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Each line item is a significant enough project that it would justify a separate company. Taken together, Google's projects encompass a huge diverse environment.

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The first 10GigE residential service is now online. How you doing, +Cablevision +Time Warner Cable +AT&T +Comcast +Verizon FiOS ???

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Some interesting free apps at Amazon today, including Plex, ElectroDroid Pro, Fleksy Keyboard, TuneIn Radio Pro, more.

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It looks like the "frequent lockup bug" reported against the 3.18 kernel is actually a hardware failure in the High Precision Event Timer (HPET) on the system it was reported against.

#Linux   #kernel318  
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