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Johanna Grönqvist

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Great fun! Glad to have been involved in such a wonderful creative project!
Siterep: Green Star in Oost

Goal: Create 61 links to a single portal, to form a bright green star in East Amsterdam.
Mission status: Success!

Field agents: +Stefan Tabell +Johanna Grönqvist +Fredrik Jansson +Paul Stol +Vadim Zaytsev 
Remote operator and screen shots: +Sean Molenaar 

Outnumbered and out-gunned in Amsterdam we set out for a local event that was all about having fun. Collection of keys and planning took a few days, and execution took our two teams three hours. With the result in 61 P7 portals all linking back to a single portal in the middle.

We are happy for our team's success with this mission, and we are happy to see that the centre portal got taken down by a dedicated real Resistance agent (who we also invited for a beer with us).

Big thanks to all participants, and to everybody from both fractions who showed their respect for our operation.

+Ingress +NIA Ops 
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Hmm nice! And with Christmas just coming up ;)
circuit scribe draws circuits instantly with conductive ink pen:
users can build circuits with nothing but a coin battery, paper clip, and LED, or build complex circuits with multiple components and other open source hardware. #technews #electronics
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This is an important question. I've been thinking about 3D printing random little things for fun, with a Lego compatible base for display purposes.
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A new post on my blog, describing how I made some dark gray polymer clay beads with a pattern of wavy white stripes. 
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