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Day 10

Here´s the last meditation in the 10 day challenge! 

In a meditation called "Mindfulness of Thought" Joseph Goldstein encourages us to have a "wise attitude" toward our thoughts instead of trying to prevent them from occurring.

Thank you all for participating in this challenge, and hope this been helpful for you to get a better meditation routine and deepen your practice. We will be back with more challenges later this spring and meanwhile you can meditate with The Mindfulness App. 

Best Regards Magnus & Martin
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Day 9

Working with thoughts and emotions having to do with pain - Jon Kabat-Zinn leads a mindfulness meditation to enable us to recognize thoughts and feelings that may arise in practice without being caught up in them as they come and go.
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Day 8

In the meditation of day 8 Dr. Kristin Neff leads us in a beginner-friendly mindfulness meditation enhanced by the additional element of conscious self-compassion.

Best Wishes and please feel free to ask any questions about the meditations or share your experience in the commentary field below.
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Day 7

New week and 4 meditations left on this 10 day challenge.
Todays meditation is called Meditation on Balance and is guided by the well known meditation teacher Sharon Salzburg. Tranquility and energy are two of the forces we cultivate through meditation. Sharon presents an important practice for bringing them into balance.
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Day 6

Today Tara Brach leads us through a short guided meditation 
she calls "A Pause for Presence" in which we use the body and our
sense perceptions as an entryway into the moment as it is.

Best of Luck, enjoy your Sunday and see you tomorrow!
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Day 5
Hope you´re still with us on this 10 day challenge. If you didn´t manage to do all meditations so far maybe you have time over the weekend to do 2 in one day. If not just go on from here and continue the rest of the days. Best of luck!
Todays breathing meditation is a foundational meditation with Jack Kornfield to help us establish unity of mind, body and heart through focused attention on the natural rhythm of the breath.
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Day 4

One obstacle in meditation is the inability to relax. Relax isn't always an easy thing to do. There is so much happening in our lives and sometimes it's even hard to find time to be alone for even a short time. Sometimes, due to different circumstances, there is a lot of tension in our body. While relaxation isn't a goal in itself when practicing meditation it could be a doorway to a better experience. Today we want to share 2 different relaxation techniques that you can do just before you start your daily meditation. Both are based on breathing. 

1. Be conscious about the weight of the body, feel the connection with the ground and take in what's around you. Inhale through your nose or mouth and count to 5, hold your breath count to 5 and then exhale slowly through the mouth while again counting to 5. After the exhalation inhale directly again and repeat 4-5 times. When you exhale feel that the tension in the body releases. 

2. Inhale through the nose and count to 5 and then stop at the end of the inhale just for a short moment. On the exhale extend the exhalation a little bit and slow the breath down, count to 7 and then on the end of the exhalation again stop just for a short moment. You can repeat this 5-10 times.

Todays meditation is guided by Dr Rick Hanson. The title of the meditation is ”You’re Alright Right Now” and it’s a meditation about safety and security.
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Day 3 - Q&A

Now after a few days of meditation you might have some thoughts or questions so we thought it would be good to leave some space for a Q&A. Feel free to share your experiences or ask any question about the meditations hereunder.
We will be online for a couple of hours during the day to reply.

Todays meditation is a 5 minute meditation that helps you to stop, be aware of what is happening around you and inside you right now.

Best of luck!
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Day 2

How shall we sit and where should we meditate?

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s meditation.

It is possible to meditate almost everywhere (unless we are driving) but if you find it challenging in the beginning it might be easier in a quiet and calm environment with as few disturbing elements as possible. Maybe there is a place at home where you can be alone for a short while. If this is not possible use headphones. When you get more used to meditate you can try to meditate on the bus, the subway, standing in a queue or at work.

Many people associate meditation with a person sitting on the floor with crossed legs. It’s fine to sit like this as long as we find it comfortable. For most of us however this is rather intense or not possible at all and then it is better to sit on a chair. I’s good to move a bit away from the back of the chair so that we do not lean against the backrest.

Whatever position we use, when sitting, straighten the spine as much as possible. We can imagine that we have a thread connected to the top of the head that gently lifts up the upper body. A straight spine will make breathing easier and make us feel more alert and awake.

Lower the shoulders and make sure they are relaxed and even. The chin can be a little tilted forward. The hands can either be placed with the palms down resting on the knees or placed in the lap.

The position should be a combination of steadiness and ease. Even if the spine is straight it should never be stiff. It’s better to find a place of relaxation in the beginning. Sometimes its good to take 1-2 minutes before the meditation like a ”pre-meditation”, where you go through your body step by step. The straightness of the spine, the extension of the spine through the top of the head, the relaxation in the forehead, the eyebrows, the cheeks, the shoulders and the belly. Feel that you are awake, and that you are breathing. The breath might be deep or it might be shallow, it doesn’t matter. Just notice your breath, how it moves through your body as it is.

Now we are ready for the second 3 minute meditation ”Resting in Awareness”, guided by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Day 2
Day 2
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Day 1

Welcome to the first day of our 10 Day Meditation Challenge!

What is meditation?

Meditation is simply a technique, a tool to help us to get more familiar with our mind, and train it to become more flexible, focused and stable.
In many ways its like any other thing we do, like training our body or learning how to play an instrument. Everybody who has been through a real learning process surely knows it takes some practice. If you play an instrument it probably didn’t sound too nice the first time you tried to play.

We can come to meditation for many reasons, like curiosity, a feeling of a too stressful life, to learn to be more focused or to get closer to our inner self. 
Any reason is good and we are all taking off at the same starting point.
A common misunderstanding regarding meditation is that we shall push all thoughts away and stay in a state of ”no thoughts”. But its rather a tool that helps us to navigate through our minds without associating and identifying with all thoughts and feelings that comes up in the moment.
We get the support to do this by following and relying on given techniques for each practice. It takes us to a place of observation of what’s going on in our mind, to actually see what’s there, instead of getting lost in our thoughts.
Its not easy, and before we know it we start to think of other things and loose our focus over and over again. When this happens it is important not to criticize ourselves. Just try to go back to the meditation, and the guidance with a kind attitude and without judgements. Give it some time, and see what happens.

In the beginning it’s better to sit for a shorter time more frequent than a longer time less frequent. Its’ important to keep the joy in it, and not be too hard on oneself. See it as an opportunity to a pause, to re-energize your body and mind.

Before pushing the play button on the guided audio find a comfortable position with an erected spine. You can close your eyes or keep them gently open, relax your forehead and if you feel like you can take three deep breaths intentionally where you inhale through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth.
Ok, time to start your first guided meditation! Best of luck and if you want to share your experiences or other feedback feel free to do so in the commentary field below.

The first meditation is a 3 minute guided meditation by Catherine Polan Orzech. You can listen to hear it here or directly in The Mindfulness App which is available in App Store, Google Play and Windows Market.
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