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Dylan Reichstadt
Dedicated Professional - Broadcaster - Community Entrepreneur
Dedicated Professional - Broadcaster - Community Entrepreneur

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White Water Rafting up in Northern Minnesota!

I feel like I've been sick for three weeks :(

Good Morning Everyone! :)

I still don't get how to comment on other peoples profiles?

I feel like I never log in here since I have multiple Google accounts! Ahh!

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Brown Hair!

I haven't been on Google+ in awhile :( Anyone still aroundddd?

Grand Total in Macbook Repairs this week: $889.45. Amount I paid: $0. This is why I love Apple :) I'm not even under warranty anymore!

Welch Mill shut down for the week! And I spent $100 on clothes to go tubing >( This isn't going to be a good day...

I should totally buy Pajama Jeans. HAHAHAH infomercials
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