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Snake bites
The programming language that bites me most terribly & keenly is ... no doubts ... Python. This time it was a global variable eps (epsilon) and I did not add the "self." prefix to the one that I really wanted to use in a method of a class. The nightmares of...

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Bug in pthread_cond_timedwait?
returns ETIMEDOUT instead of EINVAL when provided with "timespec
*restrict abstime" whose tv_nsec part exceeds 999999999 (basically, it's
more than 1 second). Furthermore, IMHO pthread_cond_timedwait should
return ETIME instead of...

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"sudo checkinstall" instead of "sudo make install"
The pain of removing packages installed from source has reached its ultimate peak and it's the highest time to move to checkinstall . This gives us a very handy ability to remove a package from the system using the system packaging tools: e.g.   dpkg -r cus...

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Laws in Physics vs. in Computer Science
The laws of physics and nature are unchanged and we just have to discover them. It requires a lot of imagination and thorough study to fully explain and prove a law. A beautiful and rewarding effect is that later on we can predict certain phenomenon or simp...

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$ fortune
$ fortune Real software engineers work from 9 to 5, because that is the way the job is described in the formal spec.  Working late would feel like using an undocumented external procedure.

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Thouhgt of the day from Quora
"Get a
good education, find someone you love, do something you're good at and
don't stop until you're the greatest at it. That way, you don't care
what people think of your life or your pictures, you can just live your
life the way you've always dreamt....

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PhD student has to write blog posts regularly, here you go.
"PhD is a career like running your own business". I swung by an event for new incoming students to UChicago and herd such a sentence. I set my heart on learning a couple more things from my fellow students on how I should live my PhD life. I read a couple o...

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San Francisco from another perspective
If you are going to San Francisco, take some smile with you. This city just requires you to admire the beautiful and sunny days. This vibrant place let you experience an amazing mixture of tastes from posh Financial District to sad places brim with homeless...

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Check your paper for IEEE compliance through the IEEE PDF eXpress site
I found that the easiest way to make your pdf compliant with the IEEE requirements is to just print your pdf to another pdf ! This works like a charm. I had a few problems, which are enumerated in the table below. I tried removing the urls, I even tried the...

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