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A panel discussion with Michigan State University producer Liv Larsen about the new student film, "From Flint: Voices Of A Poisoned City" that was submitted to the Port Townsend Film Festival this week.

From Flint: Voices From A Poisoned City is a documentary that tells the story of the Flint Water Crisis from the perspectives of those who have experienced this tragedy first hand and from activists on the ground working through grass-root organizations to make a difference. While the national news media has been covering this event through the governmental point of view, From Flint takes you inside the city to uncover this incident first hand. The documentary focuses on themes of power, race, class, community, science, and activism to help bring to light some of the issues that are involved in this ongoing crisis.

"From Flint: Voices Of A Poisoned City" Resources

Liv Larsen – "From Flint" Producer
Melissa Mays - Flint mother
Hope Tejedas - University of Oregon graduate, Producer "DRIFT: A Community Seeking Justice"
Jack Olmsted - GMO Free News, Seattle PI Reader Blog Videoblogging 206

Student’s Tell The Flint Water Crisis Story From The Inside

Hawaii and Oregon University Students Share Stories On Pesticide Drift


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Flint resident and college student Megan Kreger will talk about her recently  launched "Teeth For Truth" GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for New Jersey lab EMSL MatSci to analyze teeth fragments from her mouth.

Teeth For Truth

Flint Water Crisis: Megan Kreger, Flint Photographer (Part 1)

Flint Water Crisis: Megan Kreger, LEAD Rots Teeth From The In-side Out


Public Health Classics: Collecting children’s baby teeth to identify lead poisoning (Oct. 2012)

Lead in teeth can tell a body's tale, study finds

The researchers here used a comprehensive analysis of data collected from multiple sources, including the Cleveland tooth enamel data from 1936 to 1993, two different Lake Erie sediment data sets, data from the Bureau of Mines, and traffic data from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Because blood tests to determine lead levels were unreliable prior to the mid 1970s, the team used lead levels in the enamel of teeth removed from adults at Cleveland dental clinics to determine their childhood lead exposure.

Researchers obtained teeth, which were removed from for dental reasons and trimmed the outer layers to reveal lead trapped within the enamel of developing first and second molars. Like trees, teeth grow in layers around the center, says James Lalumandier, chair of the community dentistry department.

Read More:

Baby teeth could be key to tracking Flint lead exposure (April 2016)

Herbert Needleman

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