I love a good rant just as much as the next person, and here's a nice one.

A bit misguided in places, but worth reading.  A lot of conclusions might be incorrect, but there's a grain of truth in here.

To quote David Winer, "We make shitty software" (http://scripting.com/davenet/1995/09/03/wemakeshittysoftware.html).  My corollary: "Just like everyone else, we just fix ours faster."

Oh, and the solution to the perceived "problem" of Linux on the desktop is simple, companies need to ship Linux on their hardware, that will solve the problem almost instantly as the resources will suddenly become available to solve a lot of these issues.  I say this as someone who was part of a group that successfully shipped Linux pre-installed on laptops, and we made money.  It can be done, it's not that hard, you just have to have a hardware company that wants to do it.
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