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Worthwhile Freakonomics podcast on Productivity. pleasantly surprised to hear +Laszlo Bock on the podcast. Around min 24, Laszlo talks about outcome of productivity research at Google. Some good nuggets of wisdom, and some paraphrased quotes below.

"We looked at 200 different teams, looked at a variety of outcome metrics, what kind of innovation came out of the team, what people outside the team think of that teams' performance, etc.."

"Academic research says workload matters a lot, having teams in the same location, consensus-driven decision making. None of those came up on top 5 in terms of effectiveness of the team."

"What matters is how the team interacts. Most important attribute of a high performing team is psychological safety. Psychological safety unlocks all kinds of goodness. Everyone in the table is listening to each other, teammates are sensitive to nonverbal cues, etc.."

We've identified 5 markers as to what matters:

1. Psychological Safety
2. Dependability - can rely on coworkers to get things done
3. Structure and Clarity
4. Work being personally meaningful to every person in the room
5. Impact - team members need to think and believe their work matters and that it creates change

Regular 1:1's can be painful but the team performs better in the long term.

Jon Stewart recently mentioned during his Charlie Rose interview when he delves into the process of people he admires, it's always the same; he finds that that they're (1) mostly deconstructive [towards their work], (2) somewhat obsessive, and (3) intentional. 

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Very nicely written!

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One of my most prized possessions. 

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RIP Chris.

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Masterpiece craftmanship. 

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Smart comes in many forms. 

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Rest in peace Mr. Robert Pirsig. Your books stimulated and entertained my intellect during my high school/undergrad years, served as a gateway to get a better grip on philosophy in general, and had a lasting influence on me to this day. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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