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5 best photography secrets you should know.
A top community member on 500px unveils his 5 best photography secrets.
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Lava Field

Near the end of the road, far past where the tourists usually go, we passed a lava field. Huge, solidified lave chunks made a field, cut through by a battered road.

I like the composition and the brooding drama of this photograph, so I'm sharing it with you, in hope that it will somehow add something to your day.
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حلوة الصورة
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Amazing Surfing Photography & Videos - You're Invited to Share!
#Surfing   #SurfingPhotography   #SurferPhotos   #SurfPhotography  
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Santa Barbara Wine Country!
The patchwork pattern of a Santa Barbara wine country.

#SantaBarbara #Wine #WineCountry  
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Dropping Into A Big Wave!
Chasing giants with Ryan Hipwood
In "Irregular Occurrence," you'll watch Ryan tackling incredible challenges where fear is always present.

#ryanhipwood #surfing
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El Capitan at Yosemite!
Paradise on Earth, illuminated El Captain with magical light of sunset in fall...
If there is really a paradise somewhere it can't be more beautiful than this. Views of El captain and beautiful tall pine trees and their reflection in Merced river makes the scene picture perfect!

#Yosemite   #nationalpark   #Yosemitenationapark   #USA   #california   #californiaphotography   #northamerica   #landscape   #river   #elcaptain   #monolith   #granite   #reflection   #travelphotography   #nature   #naturephotography   #amazingplacestosee   #beautifulpictures   #beautifulplaces #speakinglens   #illuminated  
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The World's First Luxury Underwater Hotel

Article via :

CATERS If you fancy getting up close and personal with sea creatures, this breath-taking underwater retreat could be the perfect spot for you. The mythical underwater hotel lets you explore what it's like living under the sea. But the abode - submerged 28 feet under water - doesn't come cheap.

Read Caribbean travel reviews:

#PlanetOceanUnderwaterHotel #Caribbean #CaribbeanTravel #CaribbeanDive #CaribbeanScuba #CaribbeanOcean #CaribbeanGetaway #CaribbeanLuxuryResort
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