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David Markus
A federal trial and appellate lawyer
A federal trial and appellate lawyer

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Last day of the Term
This is a really funny note from Justice Rehnquist to Justice Marshall, expressing end-of-school-itis.  Today is the last day of the Term, and you can get all of your news at SCOTUSblog .

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Funny Things Happen At Trial
Last week, the Supreme Court gave permanent resident Jae Lee, a second chance to stay in the United States after bad advice from his lawyer led him to plead guilty, leading to Lee's deportation.  The twist here is that Lee's chances to win at trial were alm...

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Implicit Bias
One of the dirty little secrets of the criminal justice system is implicit bias.  This article by the Marshall Project shows what one district court is doing about the problem: There’s something of a formula to the first morning of jury duty. It might invo...

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Senior Judge Roger Vinson order cross removed from park
Senior Judge Roger Vinson has this interesting and sure-to-be-challenged order removing a cross from a Northern Florida park: A cross that has stood in Bayview Park for the last 48 years must be removed within 30 days, a federal judge has ruled. U.S.

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Should there be a retrial in Cosby?
Many have been asking why the Double Jeopardy Clause of our Constitution doesn't prohibit a retrial of Bill Cosby after his hung jury.  Although the Supreme Court decided this issue back in the early 1800s and said that Double Jeopardy doesn't kick in when ...

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RIP Phyllis Kravitch
RIP 11th Circuit Judge Phyllis Kravitch. She was 96 and was quite a woman. From the Daily Report : When told she couldn't come to court, a white girl in a Southern town sneaked up to the courtroom's "colored" balcony in the 1930s to see her father defend an...

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Ervin Gonzalez
Curt Miner, one of Ervin Gonzalez's partners at Colson Hicks, sent this very nice email to his firm which captures Ervin: I walked to Starbuck’s a little while ago and came across this gentleman holding this sign out front.  His name is Chaunce O’Connor.  I...

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SCOTUS Term wrapping up.
Like teachers, Supreme Court Justices get the summer off. I'm not sure why this tradition started, but it's weird to me. Why don't other judges get the summer off? Why not lawyers? Not too long ago, Miami courthouses shut down in August and lawyers took...

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RIP Ervin Gonzalez
RIP Ervin Gonzalez. The awful news is making the legal community rounds this morning and everyone is shocked.

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Candidate list for U.S. Attorney expands
In an interesting turn, the search for U.S. Attorney has expanded to 6 candidates. The list, according to the Herald , is: ▪ Roy Altman, 35, worked as a federal prosecutor for six years, handling hundreds of criminal cases, including the conviction of a p...
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