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In a world where technology dominates the DJ landscape, fewer and fewer DJs remain from the days of analog DJing. DJs have been forced to adapt to this digitally-dominated milieu; some have, while others have rebelled only to eventually fall by the wayside as djs embracing the advantages of digital djing have come to the fore. It is in this context that DJ MoSEAN has developed his style and chops both as a DJ and producer of music. When DJ MoSEAN entered the scene, over a decade ago as a sophomore in high school on his school's radio station, it was generally the case that if you didn't own it on vinyl, you couldn't play it at the party, period. So like others in the djing scene at the time building his vinyl catalog as well as the mastery of turntablism in the classical sense became his focus, but as a lover of all sorts of music he craved the ability to seamlessly synthesize various musical styles into his live performances.

In college, DJ MoSEAN was introduced to MIDI and sampling technology and bought his first MPC 2000XL for the exact purpose of developing his own remixes to incorporate in live sets. At this time performing fresh material required integrating hardware into the mix, which presented several pros and cons; accordingly this period allowed him to sharpen his understanding of MIDI technology and hardware systems. Later, with the dawn of Rane's Serato program, DJ MoSEAN began experimenting with the fusion of different styles in a more unrestricted way because of the new ability to play music he was previously unable to avail himself of on vinyl. However, he quickly realized the limitations of this sort of experimental djing in parties where people were accustomed to hearing one type of music at a time. His focus quickly shifted to the topic of genre borders and cultural overlap that exists between musical styles.

After graduating with a degree in philosophy and psychology from UC Berkeley in the USA, DJ MoSEAN took the leap to begin using Ableton Live, a program that allowed him to truly reach for new possibilities in sound he could have never imagined in the analog days of djing and truly employ the same ideas he had been brewing both in the classroom as well as the clubs and parties. It was during this period that he developed his philosophy of Electronic Morphism, an anything goes approach to djing based on using technology to achieve a novel outcome that pleases the crowd without simply relying on technology to do all the heavy lifting, i.e. using his creativity, experience AND cutting edge digital systems. Having the background of a party dj and the knowledge of a hardware specialist, he began implementing his approach to djing in his live performances at a time when crowds were just beginning to realize the digital era had arrived and they had better start accepting it.

Once Rane released Video Serato SL, DJ MoSEAN, not being one to stick his nose up at new technology, realized that was to be the next logical step for his djing career. But it was not until the Serato/Ableton Bridge software was unveiled in 2010 that he invested in the necessary hardware to make video part of his system. Presently, his projects have continued to spread across multiple genres and musical styles as he continues to play and create various types of blossoming electronic music (e.g. Dubstep, Moombahton, Electro Brapp, Trip Hop) for captive electronic music enthusiasts, while also maintaining a second identity as a professional mobile dj so as not to lose touch with his roots and keep his chops sharp for entertaining various types of audiences with varying tastes. You can find DJ MoSEAN at gigs ranging from curated works at galleries and nightclubs where he plays all original or freshly remixed material to weddings and special events where he plays popular music from all over the world.

  • University of California, Berkeley
    Philosophy, B.A., 2003 - 2006
  • San Francisco State University
    Education, M.A., 2006 - 2008
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Audio Anthropologist
  • DJ MoSEAN Sound System
    DJ/Producer/Visualist, 1994 - present
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Sacramento, CA - Berkeley, CA
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