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Assembly Bill No. 11 aims to provide peace officers and rescue personnel the right to take leaves of absence.

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As a motorist, you have a role in keeping our roads safe and in preventing mishaps from happening. How can you do just that and what can you do to prevent being involved in a car crash? Click the link to find the answer.

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There is a best way on how a federal worker and employee can seek justice from

discrimination. Find out how by clicking the link below.

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Workplace Discrimination on Account of Age: Statistics and the Laws That Prohibit It
Many companies already have their own set of
policies that prohibit discrimination in their respective workplaces. Although
they are making strides to promote not just equal opportunity in employment but
also dynamic and diverse workplaces, occurrences of d...

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Hiring a Los Angeles Employment Lawyer: What You Need to Remember
If you are working as an employee for a
private or public entity, you are entitled to your right to file claims against
your employer, especially if you were subjected to discrimination, harassment, retaliation,
or any unlawful employment action that violat...

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Unbearable Working Conditions: Understanding Constructive Discharge
Hearing the words “you’re fired” or receiving
the pink slip are the two things that are commonly associated with termination.
Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most inevitable episodes of one’s
employment, especially if the individual is found to have viol...

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Ballmer to Show that He’s Got Game
After 14 long years as the Chief Executive Office
of Microsoft from January 2000 to February of 2014, businessman Steve Ballmer
is about to show everybody that he’s still got game. From being the head of
arguably one of the biggest technology companies, he ...

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Minimum Wage Increases: The Battle for Inclusive Growth of the Country
minimum wage is the lowest hourly, daily, or monthly remuneration that
employers are bound to play their employers for the work they have rendered.
Several states in the country may implement their own minimum wage laws, with rates
depending on various ...

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Wrongful Termination Claim: When Must It Be Filed
Wrongful termination is not an uncommon issue
in the realm of employment in California. Most of the times, such incidents go
against the exceptions to the at-will employment rule (i.e. employers can fire
workers with or without any reason). Indeed, an emplo...

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Beauty Tilt End Woman’s Employee Compensation Fraud Attempt
To some individuals, their work is the only source
of livelihood that they have. This makes it difficult for them to miss their
work as doing so would mean cuts in their paychecks. That is why some of them,
especially minimum wage earners have been making a...
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