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Don't forget, you can still celebrate Riker Week! Walk sideways through doors, make creepy comments to women, & grow that hobo beard!

Oh and an update regarding my announced migration to my "real" google account now that GoogleApps accounts are allowed into Google+..
Apparently Google has a migration tool in the works which will be available "in a few weeks".. with that I am apparently able to move over existing circles and followers and what not directly to the other account without confusing people.

I will go with that approach as soon as they release it.. you know. .in a few months..

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Lol.. How dare they say all sci-fi movies are just the same?? not true! :)

(original trailer: Dune Trailer)
This made me laugh SO HARD! I especially love what Star Wars characters they chose to match with the Guild Navigator and Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. Brilliant!

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Finally, friends, geeks and clean freaks alike, I can bring you the video I made of my new Neato XV-15 Robotic Vacuum! It is awesome. The Neato, that is. What do ya think?? :)

My Neato XV-15 in action

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Whoever said that Wii's for babies?

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+Trey Ratcliff just recommended you check out this guy and I agree! +Jaime Ibarra seems to be an excellent photographer. There is something with the way he uses light and colors that makes his photos really stand out.
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Resharing from Facebook. This is just so wicked - and slightly NSFW..

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Always good stuff from Greg..

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Time to upgrade!! :-)
Just announced! Canon 1D X

-full-frame 18-megapixel sensor
-ISO 204,800
-12fps RAW shooting (14FPS in JPEG)
-61-point autofocus
-three DIGIC image processors
-one gigabit ethernet port
-multiple exposures!

Now this brightened up my evening! I can wait to hold it in my arms and stroke it , my precious.....
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