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The Morning Stream originally shared:
Don't forget, you can still celebrate Riker Week! Walk sideways through doors, make creepy comments to women, & grow that hobo beard!
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Finally, friends, geeks and clean freaks alike, I can bring you the video I made of my new Neato XV-15 Robotic Vacuum! It is awesome. The Neato, that is. What do ya think?? :)

My Neato XV-15 in action
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Marvin Ryan Vista originally shared:
Whoever said that Wii's for babies?
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Resharing from Facebook. This is just so wicked - and slightly NSFW..
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If you haven't tried the ping pong trick, then your missing out. Its a fact, look it up. (to quote wedding crashers)
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Time to upgrade!! :-)
Lisa Bettany originally shared:
Just announced! Canon 1D X

-full-frame 18-megapixel sensor
-ISO 204,800
-12fps RAW shooting (14FPS in JPEG)
-61-point autofocus
-three DIGIC image processors
-one gigabit ethernet port
-multiple exposures!

Now this brightened up my evening! I can wait to hold it in my arms and stroke it , my precious.....
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ISO 204,800 =)
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TED Talks At his Stanford University commencement speech, Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple and Pixar, urges us to pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in life's setbacks -- including dea...
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Oh and an update regarding my announced migration to my "real" google account now that GoogleApps accounts are allowed into Google+..
Apparently Google has a migration tool in the works which will be available "in a few weeks".. with that I am apparently able to move over existing circles and followers and what not directly to the other account without confusing people.

I will go with that approach as soon as they release it.. you know. .in a few months..
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Lol.. How dare they say all sci-fi movies are just the same?? not true! :)

(original trailer: Dune Trailer)
Casey McKinnon originally shared:
This made me laugh SO HARD! I especially love what Star Wars characters they chose to match with the Guild Navigator and Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. Brilliant!
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Tip: Watch them side by side! It's not just the audio with some random video patched on. The similarities are awesome! :)
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Casey McKinnon originally shared:
Best face EVER!
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+Trey Ratcliff just recommended you check out this guy and I agree! +Jaime Ibarra seems to be an excellent photographer. There is something with the way he uses light and colors that makes his photos really stand out.
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Always good stuff from Greg..
Gregory Cazillo originally shared:
New #video! 30 minute #photography Q&A TONS of great info!

Photography Q&A

Please Share!
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Ah,then I have to test it!
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As you may know, I'm always on the lookup for a good backup soluion. First I thought I had it with Jungle Disk. It's neat.. but quite pricy per GB for lots of storage. Also, it has a tendency to actually not work properly. Such as just uninstalling itself without letting anyone know. Something I don't want to worry about in backup solutions.

Then I found Wuala. Which was awesome since it allowed you to share your own disk space for Wuala to use in return for free cloud storage! In a previous post I mentioned, however, that they are stopping this ability in their service. Which makes it a lot less useful.

"What now?" I wondered... and continued to look. And ran into Carbonite. Sponsor of several of my favorite TWiT podcasts. One flat rate and then you could upload/backup as much as you wanted. "Wonderful!" I thought. Until I actually started using it and tried to mark some directories in C:\ProgramData for backup. It plain out refused. Some googling later I realized that Carbonite is very selective in which files it actually does backup! People were furious on the net about them losing half their data because they were of some file type that Carbonite didn't feel like backing up and without them even mentioning a word of this in any backup logs or in the application. This is arguably how they can do the flat rate thing. Very naughty! FAIL!

At this point I thought "It's just no use. All backup solutions suck one way or another. I don't dare open my heart to yet another backup fling. It just hurts too much when it lets me down." And then I remembered that +Mattias Kindborg had suggested a service he apparently heard of from +Anders Persson which was called Crash Plan.

I can tell you that maybe, just maybe, I am yet again in love! (as "in love" you can get with a backup solution). All I can say is: It seems Awesome!!!

CrashPlan offers:
* Very detailed ways of specifying what you want backed up (ability to set up different backup sets)
* No secret file type exclusions (like Carbonite) (But filter expressions if you DO want to exclude stuff!)
* Platform Independent (Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris)
* iOS/Android apps for doing stuff (unknown)
* Continuous backup (if you want)
* Version handling ("keep x versions the last y days, z versions the last u weeks, keep v versions the last w months.." All customizable)
* Bandwidth throtteling/scheduling
* Intelligent error reporting/mailing telling you when some backup is not working out as it should.
* Nice status information in the UI
* Encryption of all data. Either with passwords or with more advanced encryption keys.
* Ability to backup to different locations:
* To folders on your machine
* To other computers you own (with CrashPlan installed, up to 10 machines per account)
* To other computers of your own friends (with CrashPlan installed) (Don't worry. All the data seems to be encrypted! :) )
* To CrashPlans' online storage centers

All of the above except for the last part is FREE! And even the last one is totally acceptable in price if you would want to use it. From $1.50/mo for 10GB from one computer to $6/mo for 2-10 computers, unlimited storage.

I'm syncing 250 gigs to my parent's computers as we speak and they are syncing to me. Most awesome!

Haven't tried any restoring yet, but I I'm sure that will work fine.

Oh and they also offer more advanced versions of their service for businesses called CrashPlan PRO and for enterprises CrashPlan PROe with individual user accounts, administration interfaces to monitor employee's backup progresses, etc. Pro versions do not allow friend sharing, however, it seems.

Did I mention it's really pretty?

+Jonas Fredriksson , time to test this one as well! :)

And the rest of you, I now command you to get this as well and bask in its awesomeness...
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I agree that CrashPlan is a great pre-crash solution, and am putting my faith in that "the plan" also works as expected after the crash. That being said, the absence of focus CrashPlan requires of me is astonishing. I get my e-mail with backup status notifications once a week, that's it. In this, less is truly more!
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Hey everybody! Just want to let you know that I have stopped using this account (which is based on my gmail address). I will continue using my *other* account   based on my normal e-mail address, which is a GoogleApps account. I was waiting for Google to release their migration tool to help me do this transparently to all of you. In November it would be released "in a few weeks". 8 months later I wonder what the hell happened to that and so now I will just stop using this one and you may expect the other Martin Rasmusson account to re-add all of my friends eventually.
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