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Devi Dionesia
Every successness is beginning from the long and hard way.
Every successness is beginning from the long and hard way.

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Building Students Writing Skill through Writing Diaries
This article actually was made in order to finish the assignment of subject Essay Writing's. I'm still developing my writing skill. English
as an international language has been influence other countries in the world.
Everyone race to learn English although...

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Feeling unwell -,-
Get a fever. It begins from a  hard migran.
So, why I always get a migran? I cannot udrstand it -,-
Ditengah kepusingan kayak gini malah sakit - sakitan. Berharap migran gak kambuh lagi pas kegiatan nanti and hopefully I'll get well soon, so I can continue my works tomorrow.
Ganbatte dev! *menguatkan diri ^_^

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Terharu bang... :"(

Berasa kayak cewek paling jahat dan paling egois

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Semasa kuliaahhh
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English Pintar 2015 have been over yesterday, but the euforia still feels for all the committee, the participant and also the winner!
Thank you all for the hardwork (especially for the committee) and thank you for all of the participant of the English Pintar 2015.
You are all awesome!!! :)))


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Pulsa gratis! Mau? NO HOAX (for android users)
Halo people, kali ini saya akan membagikan cara untuk mendapatkan pulsa gratis loh! Siapa sih yang ga mau dapat pulsa gratis dengan cara mudah? Pasti mau lah ya... Ini saya bagikan hanya untuk anda,  no hoax! Saya sudah membuktikannya sendiri! Ga percaya? I...
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