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The AU is a necessary evil. Yes, they might have performed abysmally, but their existence have curtailed other emanating conflicts and war. The article cited numerous conflicts that the Union has not been able to curtail. But have you sat down to imagine how the continent would have been in its (AU) absence. Just like the UN, Syria is tearing apart. The problem is the spaghetti bowl of regional groupings we are having, you can name them!. There is no trust among the countries forming the Union, one country's problem isn't of much bother to the other. The foundation was not right ( lesser trading activities and the for ever taking platform for common currency). An integration can never work if the foundation refuses to talk about common currency,  trade liberalization and a common voice. 

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What a shame to the ministry of Transport...Minister after minister and none was able to curb STC woes.Private Transport Companies are been managed well in the country and a gigantic public firm with Assets all over the country is begging for " Privatization/Divestiture"...If this is the only solution in making a poorly managed public sector to a good one..then i advise in this hour to do same to the executive bench, the judiciary and the house of parliament....because the value is the same.Package STC, look for capital injection after all it has a lot of assets and it will be revamped.Most companies makes loss, that is why we have profit and loss account, and not only profit account, BOP has deficit and surplus, not only surplus.STC needs liquidity not further waste of time and energy.Our youth needs prudent economic and accounting leaders who can assist and gear the naton forward, because forward ever.. backwards never (Nkrumah)..but now it seems the opposite.......

South China Sea: A territory of chaos and the absence of coordination and mediation ethics.Parties involved in this territorial and sovereignty disputes includes china,malaysia,brunei,vietnam and Philippines.Most of this countries mentioned holds historical records and evidence showing legitimate rights of ownership,whiles some of them lay claim to territory by United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982.Considering all the various forms of evidence, most of the countries pushed for international mediation, which led to the involvement of the US secretary of state Hillary Clinton in 2010, which china was not pleased.
In the context of foreign policy, a country engages in an activity which gives it a zero sum advantage, hence taking into consideration the relationship between US and china it is likely that Hillary Clinton will engage less in the South China Sea territorial dispute. I therefore seek to find out the following
1)Is ASEAN and APEC having the full capacity and power to solve the issue at hand?
2)Is china using is power as an "emerging super power" to offset certain processes and procedures in the mediation process?
3)To what extent do you agree with this statement"The need to foster Unity in establishing organization such as “ASIA NATO” to embrace all, because currently there is no power or direction of their Individual organizations". 
4) Is there the need to eliminate certain historical records and evidence to enable factual and realistic assessment of the dispute.
5) What are the various ways needed to help settle the dispute?
6) APEC 2012 SUMMIT Russia: a Necessity or just a Gathering?

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