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Mike Alderson - Delivering insight through effective social media analysis - Delivering insight through effective social media analysis
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'Digital security, liberty & privacy in the internet age' getting lots of top level UK political attention this week, with two major speeches questioning the role of the state and the needs of the individual.

Thought provoking stuff that brings all sorts of key issues into sharp focus.

I have links to both speeches on my Open eye Comms blog.


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As good a way to start 2014 as any. Great memories from Chelsea FC

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Just what are you disclosing…?

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The recipe for BBC social media success. An interesting read.

Anyone any great tips or sites for trawling your twitter peeps and seeing if they are on G+?

Does +FindPeopleOnPlus still exist? Unable to connect with any of their servers.

I'm looking for info (and sources) on 'innovative ways of communicating organisational ethics'. It's not the list of ethics that I'm looking for, but rather, methods of communicating them. Can any one help?

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Early results as it only launched today, but I'm going to enjoy being at number 7 in the O2 Overall Social League - Top 50 while it lasts!

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It worked for me...

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Love this!
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