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Michael Harling
Expat author, sort of like Bill Bryson but without the best selling books and gobs of money.
Expat author, sort of like Bill Bryson but without the best selling books and gobs of money.

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Moving UK Style
We are still in the throes of moving, and the strain on my nerves and
wallet are reaching a crescendo. The only consolation I have is to remind
myself that we’re moving, and that’s just the way it is. But then I think, should it be? I know I haven’t moved f...

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Lowering the Flag
The flag has come down. No, it’s nothing political—not me getting steamed up over Brexit,
Chairman May or the village idiot in the White House—and I’m still as patriotic
as ever. The reason is, we’re moving. It seems strange to be moving again so soon. We h...

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We go to America once a year, which adds up to a lot of trips. For the
most part—despite the occasional hiccup—we have been lucky. We have been lucky with the flights. But this time, both going and returning,
our flights were missed, cancelled, delayed and ...

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Bloody Hell
We just returned from two weeks in the States, but that will have to wait
because I now find myself, for the fourth time in less than a year, having to
roll out this caveat: This is not a political blog, but today I am going to talk about politics . Again. ...

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Reflections on Having Been a Writer
Some of you with long memories may recall that this blog was not started
as a publicity platform for my books. It was quite the other way around. The
books grew out of the blog. This blog was begun before blogs even existed. Back then, I was
uploading essay...

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An Era of Music
A year ago I wasn’t even in a choir; now I’m running one. It’s not my fault, really. I know I have a tendency to want to
be out front, and often throw myself into things with misguided enthusiasm, but
this time I swore to myself it would be different. I joi...

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My Final Say on Brexit
Well, we finally did it. David Cameron loaded the gun, and Theresa May
has pulled the trigger. Article 50 was delivered to the European Union
yesterday (well, a couple of days ago; I did write this the day after, but I
was a slacker and didn’t post it until...

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Cyprus and the Lure of War
War is a strong tourist draw. That’s no surprise to me, I’ve toured many
a battle field, from Culloden, to Saratoga, to Gettysburg, the Somme and the
D-Day beaches. The one I visited today, however, is the most historically
recent, and therefore sparks more...

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Cyprus, Paphos and the DIY Hotel
We made it to our hotel. It’s a nice one, too—friendly staff, good food,
clean room, close to the beach. And it has an interesting, and appropriate,
motto: “Less like a hotel, more like home.” I say “appropriate” because when I went to put my clothes in the...

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I’m waiting to check my bags at the airport and it has just occurred to
me that I am paying a premium to fly due to my short stature. Think about it, I’m flying to Cyprus, and allowed to take a single bag
with me that weighs no more than 30 pounds. Now, I w...
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