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A Simple Swedish-American Country Lawyer
A Simple Swedish-American Country Lawyer

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History, the FDA, and Cognitive Biases
For reasons set forth in an earlier post , the author recently had reason to read Thomas Hager’s The Demon Under the Microscope: From Battlefield Hospitals to Nazi Labs, One Doctor's Heroic Search for the World's First Miracle Drug (2006) ( Demon ). Demon i...

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Errata to <q>Fortuitous Coincidences</q>
Last month, a commenter at this blog’s blogfather, Advo Advo, if you read this, please drop me a line so that I can thank you directly. , recommended Thomas Hager’s The Demon Under the Microscope: From Battlefield Hospitals to Nazi Labs, One Doctor's Heroic...

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A Favorite Joke
One of the author’s favorite jokes was used Probably . to illustrate the issue of incentive incompatibility in one of the popular economics books by one of the author’s favorite liberal Now that those who purloined that word have sufficiently soiled it by t...

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My Universal Theorem Prover
When the author was a boy, he wrote a universal theorem prover. Given enough time and memory, it would prove every theorem in large parts of mathematics. Strangely, this did not put all mathematicians out of business. The author spent most of his days pri...

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Article 2 Courts: Illustrations from the Securities Exchange Commissions
A recent post described the common, but little known, Article II courts and how they offend the most basic principles of due process of law and judical independence which most familiar with the rule of law would have imagined enshrined in the Constitution. ...

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Administrative Note
The author apologizes for the two-week silence on these pages; other matters took priority. One shall endeavor to avoid such long droughts If anybody can be said to have thirsted for further pearls of wisdom from this dubious source. by greater diligence a...

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Risk Corridors and Credibility
The ObamaCare risk corridors provide subsidies to insurance companies that make losses on the marketplaces while collecting revenues from those that make above-normal profits. Until recently, everybody—from the CBO on down—knew that the risk corridors woul...

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George Washington&rsquo;s Brain
This is George Washington’s axe, the curator said with pride, gesturing toward a worn and rugged thing, locked inside of a glass case, held in the very hands of the first President of our great nation. Of course, he said, we are much more careful about it n...

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PETA Fires <q>Meat-Lovin', Huntin'</q> Spokeman
BREAKING NEWS. ORIGINAL TO BLOG. MUST CREDIT. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have fired their long-term spokesman Krzysztof Charamsa based on his public endorsement of carnivorism. Mr. Charamsa stressed that his support for this noble ca...

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Massive Resistance in Maine
Yesterday the State of Maine passed an initiative that purports to reform the campaign finance system for state elections and enhance public financing for elections, to rapturous applause from the expected quarters . The only problem is that nobody—includi...
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