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Holly McKie
An incredibly curious marketer with a love of real estate & #'s
An incredibly curious marketer with a love of real estate & #'s

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Love this shower. But you really really need to live somewhere warm!!

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Good update on the Facebook Ad change.
Ht +Jackson Salzman
#Facebook  changed up the ads again. Not a huge change, but noteworthy! #Socialmedia   #advertising  

In April, Facebook announced that it is making the images in sidebar ads much bigger. The company recently notified Preferred Marketing Developers and ads partners that the ads will start rolling out today.

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HYSTERICAL! So many funny lines my fav -> "it allows us to interface with the outside world. Err... those would be called eyes!"

Thx +Katherine Tattersfield needed a good laugh :)
Jason Jones Reviews Google Glass - The Daily Show…: #funny #glassexplorer

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The most difficult Step has to be #8 ... Rinse & Repeat!! ;)  

Social Media is simply a long-term commitment.
10 Steps to a Solid Social Media Strategy

Have you created a social media strategy or is your strategy to simply show up and throw up on social media?

Whether you're a small business, entrepreneur or fledgling startup, NOW is the time to put a strategy in place.

Don't know where to get started?

Learn the 10 simple steps you can take to put a solid social media plan together!

STRATEGY TIP - How to Post on Purpose

1. Identify your target audience
2. Determine what problems you solve
3. Define your topics
4. Break those topics down into weekly articles
5. Put those article into a calendar to create consistency
6. Choose your social outlets
7. Post awesome content
8. Rinse and repeat!

Read the article for all 1o Tips and see the complete presentation here:

#socialmediastrategy   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips  

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Amazing home that would feel like you were living outdoors...obviously privacy is not a concern

Worth seeing the blog post, albeit all renderings I believe. Right  +Power Rendering  ?

h/t +mürüvvet cin 
Casa "Float" muros de cristal / Pitsou Kedem Architects #TelAviv


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Brilliant. Sad but brilliant.

H/T +EAG Advertising and Marketing for sharing. 
As a way to get in touch with children who are victims of abuse, the creators of this advertisement found a way to make it so that only children can see their important hidden message. The ad is also a warning to parents that it's not okay to hurt kids.

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A Brilliant Ad / Fund-raising effort by Pedigree

Beyond the altruism of this video, I applaud the transparent & honest tone. Basically - they say here are some cloyingly sweet puppies for you to look at & it will raise money for dog-related charities. An honest "win/win" for all. 

What may get even more traction?  ... kittens! ;D      #advertising  

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Good morning!

Sure this home has a location that's hard to beat, but there is so much that's right in how the room responds to it. Enjoy!

H/T +Adorable Home

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For your enjoyment, a favorite found in Urban Explorers.

While I adore the images from abandoned built places... I just want to rehab them and make them useful again. Candidly, it drives me a bit crazy. 

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Good Morning all-  A beautiful space for coffee.  

Great trellis and stone.
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