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Scott McNeill Holland

Round Watch Faces  - 
Based on +Marek Wydra​ design posted back in Feb. Tried my own stab at his awesome design. I call it Digital MW2. Hope you like. Will share if I receive his approval. 
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Great face either way!! 
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Have him in circles
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Anyone experiencing a sound on their Moto when twisting your wrist that sounds like two small bearings rubbing together and bouncing off each other?  Mine is making this noise periodically in the last week or two.  Doesn't happen all the time.  Just curious if something is wrong with mine.  It was a Christmas gift and I have not dropped or damaged the watch in any way.
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If +Motorola Mobility hasn't replied, try logging in to the website and chat with them on their support page. This isn't a problem I've seen or heard of, and judging by the lack of reply apparently neither has anyone else in the community...
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