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Hi. Newbie to KLWP but learning quickly from all the great work out there. I'm not sure if this is a bug in 3.14 or not, but, when I try to add an image to launch an app, the image selection is good, but when I go to select the app, it doens't appear in the list.  The app is Ilium eWallet.  Has anyone run into this before?

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I would like to share with you my
Minimal and Elegant - Preset: Glasgow Rangers FC
One Click Install:
This Preset includes Little World and Magic Background images attached below, you can download it on your phone and use as Custom.
Find more in the stream: #mepresets
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Worth a try!

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Sure hope I win! Android Authority is my favorite source for all tech.

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Saw this guy over the weekend...

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Based on +Marek Wydra​ design posted back in Feb. Tried my own stab at his awesome design. I call it Digital MW2. Hope you like. Will share if I receive his approval. 

Anyone experiencing a sound on their Moto when twisting your wrist that sounds like two small bearings rubbing together and bouncing off each other?  Mine is making this noise periodically in the last week or two.  Doesn't happen all the time.  Just curious if something is wrong with mine.  It was a Christmas gift and I have not dropped or damaged the watch in any way.
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