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I'm disappointed: Last night Mr. Kat said "Hey, do you want to go up to the Woodinville Whiskey Distillery tomorrow and have pulled pork and drink bourbon?" and I said "Sure!" But the weather is so dry and sunny today that we need to stay home and do woodwork on the boat while the weather is cooperative. For once, Seattle's weather is messing me up by being TOO NICE! Phooey on you Seattle Weather Gods.
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I've been to the Jack Daniels and Jim Beam distilleries, those were great tours. Sorry you missed yours.
would it be okay if I ate pulled pork and drank Bourbon in your stead? With mom in hospital it's put a damper on a lot of stuff. Thankfully it's not SUPER serious just painful and bothersome for a few months.
Then I think it's even MORE important to have a good time while you can. Yes, you go eat pulled pork and drink whiskey for me.
I'm going to settle for a BBQ chicken sandwich and a Bass Ale ;-)
you could go at a reward for doing all the boat work