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Question for those of you who use hex maps: what's important to you there?  Numbered hexes?  Prominent or subtle hex type: forest, mountain, ocean, etc?  A single item in the hex (city, dragon lair, etc.) or several?  Exact scale (one hex = 500 miles wide)?  Etc?

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We've posted about Worldspinner on the Cartographer's Guild website; hope it's not redundant to put here as well, but I do see some different people active in both locations.

Worldspinner is a tool we're developing (Kickstarter in progress now) to make it easier to create entire fantasy worlds and automatically generate maps from world scale to kingdom scale.  It also ties the maps into RPG game content, with adventures located at points of interest that show up on the map, multiple plots at the cities, and GM notes on anything on the map.

We're not foolish enough to believe that this will replace the amazing art that the members of the Guild are producing.  We do hope it proves to be a useful resource for some, as an adjunct to your worldbuilding process, and a way to get more people over the "where do I start?" hurdle and active in cartography.

More information at the Kickstarter, if you follow the link below.

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The Kickstarter video is a pretty good quick look at what Worldspinner is about.

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Worldspinner Kickstarter in progress.  Great to see the enthusiasm, questions, and suggestions... and looking forward to all the worlds that are created!
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