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Based in the  work of +Rinus Bakker +Charles Lupica and  +Peter From 
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+PixelWorld, don't thank me, I want to thank you... You have helped get my work seen by so many more people than I could imagine. You've been such a great help! Thank you thank you thank you! :-)
awesome! much appreciation for being included in this circle +PixelWorld !
Thank you for including me in  your circle +PixelWorld   I know I'm in good company!
Thanks so much for including me and for all your sharing of my art.
Thanks for including me! I was wondering where the new followers were coming from :) I'll re-share!
+Marie Pain  en un rato mas  publico la nueva actualizacion Mujer  saludos
+Michael Stuart  its done , only check the rules, reshare the circlle every friday , in a few minutes  i post a update.
Would love to be added to this circle.  Thanks for sharing this. :)
Hello, I would like to be included.
Thanks a lot +PixelWorld . It is my pleasure to be a part of PixelWorld.
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