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Jason Turchin
Victim's Rights Attorney, Media Legal Correspondent, Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Victim's Rights Attorney, Media Legal Correspondent, Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur

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Takata airbag settlement help is here!

Introducing to help airbag victims file Takata airbag injury and wrongful death claims.

Takata recently announced that it was settling certain claims for $1,000,000,000.00. A Takata airbag claim fund is being set up to resolve many airbag injury claims. Visit our website for more information.

#takatalawyer #airbagclaim #takatasettlement

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IN THE NEWS: Jason contributed to this Huffington Post article on possible tort reform and the Affordable Care Act.

#tortreform #victimsrights #aca #affordablecareact

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Our firm is handling many pressure cooker burn injury cases against Tristar's Power Pressure Cooker XL. With more and more people coming to us with these cases, and more complaints being filed with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, we hope people are aware of the possible dangers.

Our firm was recently interviewed by CBS in an investigative report into these exploding pressure cookers.

#pressurecookerattorney #productsafetylawyer #pressurecookerexploded #powerpressurecooker

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Our office has already handled many Power Pressure Cooker burn injury claims over the past year. For more information on pressure cooker injury claims, check out our latest blog.

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Imagine the opportunity to help design a self-driving vehicle. Sounds cool, but there are pitfalls. A little technical reading for my #car enthusiast friends, with some #legal analysis from me about half-way through the article. Glad to contribute to the developing world of self-driving #vehicles.

#tesla #selfdriving #autonomousvehicle #productliability #udacity #selfdrivingvehicles

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Here is our article on Florida apartment complex shooting laws, and who may be responsible when someone is shot and killed in the apartment complex.

#victimsrights   #negligentsecurity   #floridavictimsrightsattorney   #shooting   #murder  

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Billions of dollars in life insurance benefits may go unclaimed. Many people don't know there are life insurance attorneys like us who take life insurance cases on a contingency and can review a life insurance denial for free to see if you may be entitled to benefits.

#secondopinion #lifeinsurance #lifeinsuranceattorney

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Learn how to find the best life insurance attorney in Florida to help with an Interpleader lawsuit. Interpleaders are usually filed when two or more people claim benefits to a life insurance policy and the insurance company does not know who to pay. They often arise after a challenge by one of the beneficiaries or one who was taken off the policy. Challenges are typically made when a person gets divorced and does not take the spouse off the policy, or when a beneficiary change is made as a result of alleged undue influence, lack of capacity or insane delusion.

#lifeinsurance #floridalifeinsurance #lifeinsuranceclaim #lifeinsuranceattorney

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WEBSITE UPDATE: Orlando Car Accident Lawyer webpage is live. See if you have a claim if you are injured in a car accident in Orlando.
#orlandocaraccidentlawyer #orlandoaccidentattorney #disneyaccidentlawyer 

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Check out our blog for tips to finding the best Walmart Personal Injury Attorney in Florida for your slip and fall claim.

#walmartattorney #floridainjuryattorney #floridawalmartlawyer  
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