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Lisa Vaughn
Gladiator Law Marketing: A Transparent Approach to Law Firm Web Marketing
Gladiator Law Marketing: A Transparent Approach to Law Firm Web Marketing

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SEO has changed. Google has changed. The online behavior of your potential client has changed. Has your Web marketing changed?

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When iOS 7 is released to the masses, expect major changes in your Analytics to report properly on Google search traffic from iOS 7 users.

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Building the perfect Google+ page... Some good, practical tips. 

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10 Things To Do Every Workday… As a classic To-Do list, Type-A personality I had to give two thumbs up for this article. Practical reminder that we achieve success by all the little decisions and tasks we apply ourselves to each day (assuming your to-do list has the ‘right’ items on it).

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We've seen increasing dialogue about the affects of social signaling on SEO. Another good case study...
Case Study: Social Signals to Improve Search Rankings

Simple case study about the power of social signals that includes Twitter, Google+, Facebook to find out how social signals impact on search rankings.

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Great share, +Dan Goldstein. We all have the opportunity to ask how we utilize social media to promote our message... Or not.
Made it is to obvious, but the prevalence of social media is now showing up in mainstream advertising.

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Announcing, the Spring 2013 edition of Law Firm Marketing Magazine, published by +Cindy Speaker . As the first digital interactive marketing magazine for attorneys, your next winning marketing strategy is only as far away as your iPad. Read more about this edition’s featured articles and contributors, including Lisa Vaughn, “Tips for Holding Your SEO Provider Accountable”: 

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Huzzah! Our very first Web Marketing e-Bulletin left the Outbox yesterday. Did you get a copy? Want one? Drop me your email address and I will send our e-Bulletin your way.  
Included in March: Sending the Right Social Signals? How to Boost your Conversion IQ. And, more about our name, “Gladiator”.

Coming up in April: Relationship Counseling for Attorneys and SEO Providers. Five Small Design Changes to Improve User Engagement.

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Lisa M. Vaughn - Gladiator Law Marketing (

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Video from Google: How to Master SEO in 10 Minutes (for Startups),  
Nothing astonishing, but a solid rundown of some top best practices. I often learn the most by listening ‘between the lines’. Spend the 10 minutes to watch this SEO video from Google and you’ll give yourself a chance to (a) Double-check your own basics; (b) Understand the importance of onsite usability to Google and your rankings; (c) Get motivated to participate and interact with your own online social buzz.
A few cliff notes:
-          As you add content to your website, use the “Fetch as Googlebot” tool in Webmaster Tools to submit those new pages to the Google index.
-          Consider PageLoad times – how long it takes for your site to load. Google aims for sites that load in 0.5 seconds, wow!
-          Use consistent anchor text on internal links (links between pages on your website) to help promote Sitelinks in the Google results.
-          Each page should focus on a singular, logical topic.
Thanks, Google!
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