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The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™
The World's First Comprehensive Financial Services Delivery System for Financial Advisors
The World's First Comprehensive Financial Services Delivery System for Financial Advisors


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I Thought New Year's Resolutions Were Destined to Fail Until I Committed To These Six Things...

1.  Take stock of what you appreciate about 2013:  Sit down with a blank piece of paper and list at least ten things you are grateful for in 2013. Calm your mind and don't stop until you have at least ten things you are grateful for in 2013.

2. List your greatest opportunities in 2014:  As you enter the new year, increase the probability that you will have no regrets this time next year.  List every opportunity about which you can think, prioritize them and begin breaking them down into bite sized pieces.  Create smaller action items.  What's your first "next step" for highest priority opportunities?

3.  List your top three obstacles right now: List the three things which are your biggest "road blocks" right now.  Once you've listed all three, begin "bullet pointing" ideas you could consider to eliminate these obstacles.  Brainstorm everything of which you can think to destroy these three obstacles.  Use those ideas and action items to create a plan to demolish those obstacles.

4. What is no longer acceptable: List at least three things which you have decided are unacceptable to you in 2014.  List items which, if eliminated, would improve the quality of your life.

5. Make a list of people, both personally & professionally, you will invest significant time with in 2014.  List at least three people on both your personal list and your professional list, but don't stop until you're happy with the list.  Include people who will enrich and revitalize you.  Who will help you make forward progress in 2014?

6. List the most important skill you will begin to master in 2014.  What skill would represent the greatest advancement for you both personally and professionally?  Skills take time to master.  There are no shortcuts. So make a list of many skills which would be helpful to you master, then prioritize it.  The skill at the top of this list represents the one that will make the greatest positive impact on your business and your life.  Get your calendar and block-time right now every week in 2014 to begin mastering that #1 skill

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How do you successfully deal with a crisis in your office?

Use these 3 steps to take total control of your office!

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Help your business succeed and expand by creating a culture of responsibility among your employees!

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Are you struggling with employee complacency? Kill your stupid rules!

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How do you successfully get and keep clients?

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Use these 5 tips to make better decisions!

The beginning is always now. No matter what the history of your day has entailed thus far, the rest of your day depends on what you do right now. How will you make the rest of today amazing?

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The Trusted Advisor Toolkit will show you how to put the most money in your pocket in the shortest amount of time!
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