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They told me that as a teen I was part of the Chosen Generation ... and that was almost 60 years ago.
I was raised in an environment that seemed to be saying, "It's all about the Church, not you. What have  you done for us lately?" 59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out—And They’re Trying to Tell Us Why Excerpt 1. Nobody’s Listening t...

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Let's Pretend
Leonard Ravenhill Let's Pretend We Don't Know We Are Pretending     Enter with us into an imagined world ... one myth among many Once Upon A Time … Children born into a Church are in most ways unaware and unwitting conscripts into an environment that is tot...

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The Most Powerful Religious Creed in the World
The Civic Integrity of Compassion and Understanding On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the full text of which appears in the following pages. Following this histor...

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To Religious Social Conservatives too proud to admit to a foolish vote for Trump
  ... and who still  pretend that they know better than we do what God wants us to Republican Christians have no special credibility for passing moral judgment on anybody else. We have even more Christian Celebrities stepping into the spotlight, selling boo...

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Who are these Kindergarten Konservatives?
are not citizens of a nation founded by Konservative Intellectuals whose
generational grandchildren prance and posture on our national stage nowadays. To
wit … The
American Revolution. Approximately
one third of the colonial population supported the Engl...

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Portrait of a Dysfunctional Religion: The Mormon Model
I was born and raised in
a fully LDS community some 160 miles north of Salt Lake City. I am culturally a
heritage-based Mormon to this day. It is from that perspective then – the religious
perspective with which I’ve spent most of my life – that I am able t...

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Pure Religion and The Master's Path
What does it mean to be religious? Is it obedience? Conformity? Believing in the common doctrine and theology? All of these? Or None but something more meaningfull? In the New Testament James in chapter one describes pure religion undefiled. Wherefore, my b...

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Come Listen to a Wise Man's Voice
Robert Subby is the author of books such as Healing the Family Within and has a connection to ACA (formerly ACOA: Adult Child Of An Alcoholic.) As you know I have a history of exposure to ACOA going back to the 13-week therapy in 1992 which in which I was p...

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To Religious "Social Conservatives" too proud to admit to a foolish vote for Republican God-Talkers
... and who still  pretend the know better than we do what God wants us to Republican Christians have no more any credibility to passing moral judgment on anybody else. In 2004 Reverend Jerry Falwell declared "It is the responsibility of...every evangelical...
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