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Louise Whittland
Live, love, create and be outdoors
Live, love, create and be outdoors
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This is enough to brighten any day! love it :-)
So I've been away from G+ for awhile. I went on a last minute road trip and didn't bring my computer, so I couldn't post the kind of things I Iike to! Yesterday me and +Trey Ratcliff went up to Napa to visit momma Ratcliff (+susan ratcliff) and on the way there, I shot this picture on Trey's borrowed D3S. (I broke mine last week.. boo hoo!) But I'm back in business with his loner and the lens I bought at the Looking Glass in Berkeley. Napa is wonderful, I'm definitely going back to get more photos. I don't even drink and I felt really drawn to this place. Visit when you get the chance :-) Btw, how I broke my camera:

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Ok. . .so this made us feel so uncomfortable watching it but just makes you want to watch more! Really want the DVD.
Very cool!

If you know anything about rock climbing you have to check this out. Amazing film footage for those not familiar with this kind of climbing.

discovered via Redpoint Cowboy

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What's this. . another fantastic review ! Check out what the guys @RockClimbingUK thought of our Men's Adrenalin Jacket . . . we are feeling very chipper ! Love it.

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Christmas shopping info. . . .
Happy 1st December ! Don't leave it too late to get your Christmas orders placed with Stone Monkey. Info on lastest dispatch dates here . . .
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UK Sales Manager Neil McAdie apparently had a 'dirty weekend' last week, we were all a little worried and afraid of what he was about to tell us when he started this story but it actually turned out that he'd been Caving! In the Peak District in Derbyshire UK, Neil went in through the main (famous) Titan 142m shaft, through to the Peak system, up into the White Rivers Series and out through Peak main entrance in Castleton.

Neil made use of an old one piece ripstop Endurance Windsuit made by Rab Carrington for Al Powell in about 2002, designed for lightweight hard routes at high altitude but apparently also ideal for crawling about in the mud and water several hundred feet underneath Derbyshire.

It looks like Neil had an amazing time, he said you can still find footprints and evidence of 17th century lead miners down there.
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Stop . . . evaluate . . . and be happy ! Thanks for sharing this +Ian Anderson Gray

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Flip !! Beautiful
Amazing shot by Edwin Kats

Edwin has been awarded a Highly Honored accolade in this year’s Natures Best competition. It’s fair to say that he is really chuffed – bearded reedlings are amazing birds, very acrobatic but quick as lightning. Ed was very pleased to finally get this shot after four months of effort. The image will be published in the Autumn/Winter 2011 issue of Natures Best magazine.


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There are lots of Christmas pressi ides kicking about at the moment, especially with the film premiers that have just been showcased at Kendal Mountain Film Festival. . . The Long hope DVD available now, but here's the trailer as a taster and tasty it is !

Going live any minute now. . . . .yey!

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Amazing topographical image of our Moon, showing more detail than ever before. Do you get the impression we're looking for a new place to live? . . .
Sharpest ever Moon elevation map

The US space agency (Nasa) has released the sharpest ever elevation map of the Moon.
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