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Beautiful portrait image! Thank you, Klaudia.
i absolutely love this image… Dreamy moody magical !
Such a beautiful dreamy image. I always love your work.
Mysticism and thoughtful.
very nice! awakens the idea of an event from the past that you do not have a clear memory, like when you dream something, and in the morning can not remember exactly.
dream, memory, fantasy? such a wonderful photograph - it has all that is needed.
Like a slow, gentle dance through the heads of grain. A dreamscape. Fabulous work +Klaudia J :)
Thank you for all the comments, shared, +1, nice day
In awe of this creation!!! :)
Bruno W
Great visual effect, I do like this image!
wow! Klaudia! This is absolultye fantastic! such amazing atmopshere!
superbe! wonderful!
A marvelous work again Klaudia, directly from a fairytale, love it!
Pozrel som si Vaše práce a sú krásne, plné citov a príbehov...+++++++
Love this. The mood is just fantastic. Great batch of really emotional photography +Klaudia J !!!!
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