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A hangout for Human-Centered Design Thinkers and Proponents
A hangout for Human-Centered Design Thinkers and Proponents

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Imagine a bioactive perfumed topical application that gives a cooling sensation when applied in the summer months. Sold in a pair with a complementary perfumed topical application that invokes a sensation of warmth in winter month. A perfume that comforts you, and smells luxurious too.
Let's #ThinkInnovation  !
Let's eYeka!

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Doesn't this give you ideas on the design of accent lighting?

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The US Navy's humanoid firefighting robot  looks great, but needs a longer battery life. I wonder if a firefighting robot could be improvised to harness energy from heat in its environment? That should address the battery life issue!

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When a phone's software can distinguish your nod from your head shake, you might not need to type or speak to it any more.

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Visual ad concept for a business focused on cutting costs. Or, just as useful for a discount haircut store :-)

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At a recent "The World We Want" (i.e. post-2015 Millennium Development Goals) discussion organized by the Iowa #UnitedNations  Association in #IowaCity  , we spoke about access to water and its significance for food production. In my summary presentation on behalf of the Water & Sanitation team, I mentioned that water recycling and conservation can go mainstream just like renewable wind/solar energy. Now, I'm excited at this example of smart design and water management that is growing food in unimaginable places:

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A new style for the tie knot?
I wonder if it will need a longer tie length, +Fresh Ideas ?

Originally posted by +Fresh Ideas 

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Captured by the talented photographer +Shelly Kay , the seats/tables in this photo are an interesting example of simple yet functional design, with minimal material wastage.

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Breathing new life into "outdated" products.

Playtex Baby division makes the Diaper Genie line of diaper disposal pails. Essentially, the pail utilizes a plastic liner (tubing) into which one can drop soiled diapers, sealing in (most of) the smell. When the plastic tubing runs out, a refill is loaded onto the pail. A boon to parents, such diaper pails with similar designs were/are made by several companies. Playtex remains the leader.

Around December 2011, Playtex discontinued the Twist-away refills that were compatible with the Classic Diaper Genie pails, essentially imposing a "forced early retirement" on the Classic Diaper Genie, since the "Classic" pail was not compatible with the refills that Playtex was manufacturing for its other, newer pail designs (
In early 2012, Playtex customer support told me, on the phone, that my options were to buy a newer model of the pail (& invest in the fitting newer refills), or to buy the older refills from online retailers that were selling them at almost twice the price.

I knew what to try next- to "surgically transplant" the plastic liner from a newer refill to an older depleted Twist-Away refill casing. That would achieve:
1. Less landfill waste- since I would not have to throw out a perfectly functioning older pail and invest in a newer model
2. Savings - since even the cheapest newer generation pail would cost well over $25 (
3. Help launch a career in product design? - IF I could convince Playtex that letting users load older pails with lining/tubing sold WITHOUT the casing (which is the bulk of the hard plastic in the refills, and a recurring source of undegradable landfill waste) would be a win-win for both Playtex and Customers (and the Environment!!). I already had, in my head, the concept for a bio-degradable, low-impact minimalistic paper casing for the plastic liner.

Good news- it took me less than 4 minutes to take apart a refill of the newer design, extract the compactly-folded plastic liner from it, and then transplant the liner into a depleted refill casing of the older design.
Bad news- f you've already tossed out the your empty old refills, you would need to get your hands on at least one refill "cartridge" of the older design, or use a 3-D printer to create one :-)

@Playtex @PlaytexBaby Why not reduce the plastic used (and then sent to landfills) in the Diaper Genie products?

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There are plenty of talented designers on the planet, and a good number of them practice human-centered design to alleviate specific human/social problems.
Population growth, resource scarcity and inequalities in opportunities (education, earning, etc) now and in the future will require that we place a greater emphasis on human-centered design. HCDconnect (supported by and the Gates Foundation) is one forum that brings together individuals who recognize the need for such design. Since Google+ offers an excellent platform for sharing and driving interest, I welcome human-centered design enthusiasts to post their ideas and links through this page.
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