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If you're interested in more, this science is the basis of my science fiction thrillers Nexus and Crux.  I talk more about the science in a afterword to each book.

Ramez Naam

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A summary of my new book, The Infinite Resource, in pictures.  More about the book at 
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Thanks Mez for the info... we live in challenging times, yet times of great potential - I look forward to reading more from you! 
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On December 18th, I'm going to be reading from my new sci-fi thriller NEXUS at Elliott Bay Books, for their final reading of the year. Reading starts at 7pm. Please come join me, and buy a book (any book!) to support this iconic local book store.

Here's a bit about Nexus:

“Gripping near future speculation… All the grit and pace of the Bourne films.” - Alastair Reynolds, author of Revelation Space
“Mesmerizing.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Who can decide what you put in your brain? Who draws the line between human and non-human? How do we choose between liberty and security?

In a near future scarred by the mis-use of advanced technologies, government agencies and international treaties use extra-ordinary powers to suppress research that could lead to new horrors. In this world, the experimental and illegal nano-drug Nexus can link humans together, wirelessly connecting brain to brain. There are some who want to improve it. There are some who want to eradicate it. And there are others who just want to exploit it.

When a young and idealistic American scientist named Kade is caught improving Nexus, he’s blackmailed into spying on an eminent Chinese researcher who may or may not be weaponizing Nexus - turning it into a tool for coercion and political assassination. Bit by bit, Kade is thrust over his head into a world of danger and international espionage – with far more at stake than anyone realizes.

From the halls of academe to the halls of power; from the headquarters of an elite US agency in Washington DC to a secret lab beneath a top university in Shanghai; from the underground parties of San Francisco to the illegal biotech markets of Bangkok; from an international neuroscience conference to a remote monastery in the mountains of Thailand – Nexus is a globe trotting near-future thriller, an exploration of the next step in human evolution, and a scathing critique of the War on Drugs and War on Terror.


“A rich cast of characters… The action scenes are crisp, the glimpses of future tech and culture are mesmerizing.” - Publisher’s Weekly

“Nexus is the most brilliant hard SF thriller I’ve read in years. It’s smart, it’s gripping, and it describes a chilling reality that is all-too-plausible… Reminds me of Michael Crichton at his best.” - Brenda Cooper, author of The Silver Ship and the Sea and The Creative Fire

“Nexus is a gripping piece of near future speculation, riffing on the latest developments in cognition enhancement. With all the grit and pace of the Bourne films, this is a clever and confident debut by a writer expertly placed to speculate about where we’re heading. Unlike a lot of SF, this novel dares to look the future square in the eye.” Alastair Reynolds, bestselling author of Revelation Space and Blue Remembered Earth

”Any old writer can take you on a roller coaster ride, but it takes a wizard like Ramez Naam to take you on the same ride while he builds the roller coaster a few feet in front of your plummeting car… you want to read it now before everyone’s talking about it.” - John Barnes, author of Mother of Storms and the Daybreak series

“From the very first page, Nexus grabs you roughly by the scruff of the neck and screams right into your face… One of the most intensely compelling and original debut novels I’ve read in a very, very long time. His breathtaking expertise and confidence as a writer makes Naam the only serious successor to Michael Crichton working in the future history genre today.” – Scott Harrison, author of Archangel

“A dazzlingly clever and well informed near-future extrapolation, and also an outrageously exciting and cinematic shoot ‘n punch ‘em up. A ‘smart thriller’ in all senses of that phrase. Ramez Naam really does know how to make you turn that page.” - Philip Palmer, author of Version 43

“An incredibly imaginative, action-packed intellectual romp! Ramez Naam has turned the notion of human liberty and freedom on its head by forcing the question: Technology permitting, should we be free to radically alter our physiological and mental states?” - Dani Kollin, Prometheus award winning author of The Unincorporated Man

"A scathing critique of the US War on Drugs and War on Terror" - Adam Shaftoe, Page of Reviews
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It is unlikely that I will be in Seattle in December, so please keep me/us informed about other locations and dates in which you will be giving public presentations ( hint: LA is nice and warm in December and January! ;-).  Your book will make a great movie, I wish you huge success! 
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Ramez Naam

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My piece at DIscover: Why Organic Advocates Should Love GMOs.  
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UCS are real scientists. Most anti-GMO groups aren't, but UCS are the exception. That said, they're scientists with a certain slant. They're anti-GMO and anti- nuclear power. And they're clearly outside of the scientific mainstream in their view of those issues.  

They are more nuanced than most, though. They're not ones to go around saying that GMOs cause cancer or whatnot.

I've met their Food and Agriculture Director, Ricardo Salvador, and I think he's a nice guy, and not that unreasonable. I just think he has a somewhat blinkered view of GMOs that looks entirely at very low probability downsides, while ignoring the upsides, and equally ignoring the very real downsides of every other alternative.
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