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Greg Williams
Husband, father, Java/web programmer, runner, amatuer photographer.
Husband, father, Java/web programmer, runner, amatuer photographer.


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Literally the best single pack pull possible in the set. What are the odds of these two cards in one pack?

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Some more from the #TreyUSA   #Atlanta  photowalk.  Since Trey organized the trip, I used his Lightroom presets on some of these.
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A few sights from Atlanta.   #TreyUSA   #Atlanta  
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This last FNM I placed second with GB Constellation. I've also placed first with Mardu midrange. So what should I play this Friday? Anything using BW is out (my son is using those lands) as is UW (daughter has UW heroic). I could go GB again with a few tweaks. I've also seen a GU build with Yisan and Prophet of Kruphix that looks good. I could try a Temur control build. Izzet control also looks fun. I'd try Sidisi whip except I would have no Heroic Downfalls (son's deck again). Would Murderous Cut be enough? It worked fine in the GB deck.

I played mill at FNM last night. Here is the build post FNM tweaks.

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Last night I played this at FNM.  I went 2-2 and came in 10th out of almost 20, so not a great showing.  First round I did beat a UWb Esper control 2-0, so that matchup seems good as-is.  After that I lost badly to a GWR beats/heroic/doublestrike deck.   A Boros burn deck beat me the next round.  Most of metagame in the store is aggro, and my deck didn't seem to hold up against aggro faster than mine.

My main concern is the lack of removal.  The problem is that all the good removal is instant and not enchantment, and this deck runs on creatures and enchantments.  I run the risk of losing my removal to the graveyard with my dredging.  Does anyone have any suggestions how I can go about fixing it?

Does Strength of the Fallen continuously check the status of the graveyard, or does it only check when it is triggered?

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Mono black with blue splash. Thoughts(eized)?

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I've been looking into mono black aggro, and I've worked up this list so far. Anyone have suggestions? I'm thinking of cutting even the one Desecration Demon for possibly another Brain Maggot. Not sure if I want that over Lifebane, but I know I can always use the ability.
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