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I pwn you like pretty hard and stuff right
I pwn you like pretty hard and stuff right

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My friend said he got windows 10. I told him that there were open source treatments for embarrassing win10 infestations.

I've always said that the sun needed to be weaponized.

More like you just crapped a load of ignorance out of your hands.

It's like buying a smoothie and then the smoothie transforms into a samurai sword. Now drink your samurai sword.

Just because something is 100% accurate, like everything I say, doesn't mean I said it.

Just remember, I was the one that trapped you on this planet.

Circles are my new enemy.

Come on and spill the NetBeans.

Dependents are those things that rely on your financial support throughout the year, right? So I'm pretty sure I can claim the IRS as a dependent.

If that isn't clear enough then here is another analogy. It's like giving David a promotion to head janitor. He may have a fancy new title but he is still a janitor and he is still David. cc: +David Smith 
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