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Any Federal employee who takes the 5th Amendment in front of Congress (their employer) should be immediately terminated! Simple as that. Imagine doing that in private industry.

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I have always been convinced that liberals often focus on something in society that “must be fixed” and support legislation to fix it…without sufficient concern about its viability or side effects! There are many obvious examples of this, starting with prohibition and going all the way to ObamaCare! Minimum wage, student loan forgiveness, free cell phones, the list is endless. However they usually make an attempt at defending the side issues as necessary or unavoidable.

The case of Kermit Gosnell is an exception. No matter how you feel about abortion, this case is completely abhorrent. The killing of 3rd trimester babies just can’t be explained away. Sure they could say that these were poor women who couldn’t come up with the funds for earlier abortions and advocate for lifting the ban on government funding. They could say that this whole case is an aberration. 

But they won’t. They won’t even discuss it and the MSM, with the exception of Fox, has totally avoided covering the proceedings. Frankly, they are cowards, but this time, in their hearts, they probably know it. They won’t discuss it because it cannot be defended and they are concerned about being tarred with the same brush as Gosnell…who made millions off of his chamber of horrors.

No matter how you feel about abortion…silence is complicity. Where is the liberal outrage? Where is the “fix at any cost” mentality?
We have not even begun to see the moral and political fallout from this case.

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Benghazi will not just go away without a full and public accounting of what really happened. Republicans need to simply push for the complete truth and stay clear of politics. 

However, regardless of what happens with Obama's legacy, remember that we are also talking about the credibility of none other than the leading candidate for President...Hillary Clinton. Democrats will try to circle the wagons, but we have almost 4 full years to get at the truth. even they can't stonewall for that long!

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John Dean once told Nixon that Watergate was " a cancer" growing the the White House. Benghazi, is Obama's version. Hillary Clinton exclaimed that at this point, "what difference does it make?" It makes a big difference and the truth, embarrassing as it may be to this administration, will be told.

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While doing some research on the family struggles of the Boston bombers, I reflected on how America had taken them in; gave them support in order to assimilate...and was given not thanks, but murder and violence in return. 

Like most Americans, I too am concerned about what is going on in Syria and wonder when the President will decide that America has to intervene. Sure we can do it because we believe in "doing the right thing" or we "support human rights." In 1994, the Clinton administration wordsmithed genocide in Rwanda (which requires US intervention by treaty) into "acts of genocide"...which doesn't.

There are wordsmiths in the Obama administration as well. If chemical weapons have been used it supposedly "crosses a red line" and "alters my calculus" or so says Obama...emphasis on "my," but we all know where that comes from. 

Got me to thinking about Libya and Egypt and how well our intervention there has seemingly turned out. America must learn that if we intervene in a remote conflict, WHERE BOTH SIDES STRONGLY DISLIKE US, we are flirting with Aesop's fable of the "Farmer and the Snake." Benghazi was our most recent snake bite!

So it seems that while there is a small residual argument about who used chemical weapons and when, there is little argument that they exist in Syria. In fact, some believe that the reason that we found no such weapons in that they were moved by Saddam to neighboring Syria. 
Clearly, many in the administration are against arming the opposition in Syria simply because those arms will be there at the end of the conflict...and they have read Aesop!

If we do something militarily in Syria, let it be for a much simpler reason. Let's be sure that it is in our interest. Simply stated, we don't want anybody, especially those who hate us, to possess advanced weapons, especially weapons of mass destruction.

Enough of the humanity argument. Our interests are served by protecting our citizens, our country and our troops. Simple as that!

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We always knew that “sequester pain” was intentionally designed to show Americans that the government couldn't provide essential services without every single cent in the federal budget. While it only cut around 3 percent of the 3.6 Trillion dollar budget, it seemed that everything was being affected. While the proposed reductions in the President’s 2013 budget would not reduce essential services like children’s vaccinations…magically, a smaller sequester would. 
Republicans wanted to give the White House the ability to move cuts around to minimize the loss of services, and the President threatened to veto it! Suffer America…you wanted to cut the budget, now live with fewer services!
Strangely the FAA took the 4% cut and moved it around so as to reduce the work hours of air traffic controllers by 10%. Now that’s creative math…but really, really bad politics. 
When the blame began falling on the administration, everything changed. Flight delays didn't sit well with Americans and today congress passed a bill to allow the White house to move cuts around…and magically the President has changed his mind…and will sign it!
Big miscalculation…but I am sure more to come!

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I too watched Uncle Ruslan, the unfortunate relative of the two Boston bombers with interest as well. Remarkably straightforward and honest. What provoked them to becoming terrorists? ”Umm…being losers!” He’s got that right, and it applies to a lot more than these two spoiled children who grew up to become murderers. You see, unlike Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook, these guys weren’t insane. They were spoiled! The same  applies to a growing number of Americans who think the world owes them a living. Apparently others in the press noticed as well. Were they radicalized? Most certainly. But as Americans we also had a hand in their conversion as well. In short…they were playing at being terrorists. Playing a terrorist video game. Expecting to go out and party after their bombs blew people to pieces.

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Mr. Obama should take a hard look at his job description. As President, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the United States. Notice he is not the Chief Marketing Officer, or the President of Sales. When an entity faces fiscal issues, it is the job of the CEO to manage through such things in order to minimize the damage to operations.

But Obama is acting like the Chief Political Officer. His job is to make sure that the miniscule reduction in the federal budget “cuts fat and not muscle.”  He is doing exactly the opposite…and we all know it.  But fear not. Americans know what a spending reduction does to their personal budgets and they know that Obama is playing political games…trying to teach Americans a lesson. 

And he will.  Fortunately he can’t run again, but we should punish his party severely at the next opportunity. We know what he is doing…don’t forget it.

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This is a long article, but for those of you who agree that the level of entitlements is way too high, it will bring a little hope that some citizens still have a work ethic. Unfortunately…older Americans who believe in hard work and accomplishment. In not spending money you don’t have and in taking responsibility for your own actions. These are the kind of people that, no matter how short government money is,  we all want to help. No iPads or iPhones, no gold chains…just good people…bad times.

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Everything in this country is connected to everything else. The Boston terrorist incident shows exactly how much information can be gleaned…all one needs is the desire…and a connection to the internet. Today the Associated Press Twitter account has hacked and a false message posted about bombs in the White House and the President being injured.

Now hacks happen all the time. The problem here was the connection between such things and automatic command and control systems…in this case program trading systems on Wall Street. Once someone sold on the false news, program trading noticed the trend and accelerated it. This led to a 1% or more instantaneous drop in the Dow…until the message was shown to be false. The market rebounded…but was anyone selling and buying in sync with this hack? 

Time will tell, but I bet so! These guys don’t work for free!
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