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It occurs to me that some of the folks in my other circles might enjoy seeing this quilt I made. I designed all the blocks. It was super fun to make!
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Even with a lukewarm-at-best appreciation for Star Wars, this quilt tickles my design fancy like a feather boa. I absolutely love your Death Star!
I have individual shots of most of the blocks, if folks want a detail of my R2-D2 or whatever. I have a whole step-by-step "how the heck did she make the AT-ST!?". I guess +1 this comment if you want to see that stuff?
Except you could only ever make sets of X-wings or light sabers :)
What a great quilt! I love it!
Meg just.. Stop raising the awesome bar for everybody else ok? 
Awesome. Reminds me of covers for Fiasco playsets.
You win my Internet for today!
Thanks for all your kind words folks!
+Jessica Hammer - probably a month? The X-wing blocks and the light-sabers were pretty simple, I'm sure I made all 18 X-wings in one day and all the light-sabers in one day. The more complex blocks probably took a day each, working in the available bits of time around caring for a three-year-old and a house and stuff. If I made it now, it might go faster due to said 3 yr old now being 7 and in school ;)
Really brilliant fabric choices and -- wow those sharp acute angles are not easy! Love the star field. Is that a batik? The contrast of the organic and irregular against the small geometric prints really conveys just how outrageously unnatural the construct truly is. Your technical skill is really enviable but it's the creative choices that impress me the most. Seriously-- well done! 
Hi +Molly Mandlin - thanks for all that!! The background is a print, not a batik, although that could work well. I had a fun time finding the right mix of geometrics to convey the Death Star, and the range of blacks to make Vader's face have some dimension instead of being a blotch of dark shape. More pics coming soon!
Hey everyone! I'm putting up a new post with close-ups of the rest of this, should anyone be interested. Just letting folks know.
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