I got a chance to check out +Jesse Butler's Short Order Heroes deck in the past few days. I have lots of good things to say about it! +Eleanor Ferron's art is great, with good diversity and gender balance and all kinds of exciting evocative images. I dig the idea of pulling three cards to make a character, or help flesh out a character, and to make NPCs. I could use this as another spur for NPCs in Apocalypse World, or for the Chasers in PsiRun, or as a way to read the Sultan's mood in 1,001 Nights. The cards come in 5 numbered "suites" with different color borders, as well as one 0 and one 7. All of these could be used as ways to modify rolls, add to stats, or otherwise add interesting tweaks to character creation.

Things we did in addition:
Used the cards to determine the sex of the character - if two cards look clearly female and one looks male or ambiguous, it's a female. If the reverse, it's male. If two are ambiguous, it's ambiguous and you get to choose. We also used the cards to influence the look and style of the characters. All this was masses of fun!
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