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Meguey Baker
Every person has a story worth telling and a story worth hearing.
Every person has a story worth telling and a story worth hearing.


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A secret message at Big Bad Con??

Announce Future Badness
Hello everyone! Apparently G+ is morphing slowly out of existence. I’m sad about that, but so it goes. We will still be here for the next 6-8 months, so don’t fret. Probably till the last day. Meanwhile, the maelstrom has announced future badness, so yes, I’m looking for where to move this community. I’m looking for something without a paywall and with good business practices that feels user-friendly and supports longer discussions. Not sure where that is yet though. Do know that I will let you know where I’m going and where you are welcome to come too, if you wish to join me.

Your MB

UPDATE: We’ve got 8 months. I’m gonna do the research and see where I want to be. Until then, I’ll be here.

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I made a MeWe page, but am not liking the rumbles about their alt right infestation.

My main issue? Not wanting an echo chamber of "just gaming talk only" I like hearing about people's whole lives! It makes me just very slightly want to start up hosting my own chat space again. Not enough to do it though!

Currently waiting to see where I want to land wrt MeWe or Discord or etc. I kinda liked it here, Bother.
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I’m doing #tinyinktober on little stickers.
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Make The World Seem Real
I'm curious: what's a common or obscure thing you know how to do that could help you and those around you if/when there's a local apocalypse? Think supply line breaks, floods, power failures, earthquakes. Does this skill ever show up in your games, even as support for some background color?

I for one am not that good at food; given enough supplies I won't let you starve, but I'm no Maestro D'.

On the other hand, if you want something mended, I'm your best bet. Patches, mends, rivets, ties, seams, skin if I had enough demand to practice - these show up in my "make the world seem real" all the time. That mattress stitch? Works for deep tissue wounds too. Subcutaneous stitch to minimize scarring? Gotcha. Massive, nasty scarring but gets the job done? Sure, couching will do it. How do you take your real-world skills and use them to make your AW seem more real?

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I wrote a piece on grief recently. It’s sparked by one of the museums in which I work, and you can read it here:
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