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This resonates with me a lot these days. Your numbers may vary, but the underlying message, that the current system is busted and is making people sick, is right on.
Stop pretending
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I don't think I feel any more responsible for my family's well-being than my wife, but she's often pretty down on our chances, too.
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Day Four: the youngest wanted a fun lunch. When he heard there was cottage cheese, he excitedly asked if his lunch could be a food face. So, mouse salad. He's thrilled.

For this one, I'm tagging +Ezio Melega. Ezio, for the next five days, make a post each day with a photo that is a simple thing from your life - not food related! HaHa!
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Of course I will tag 5 people :-P
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Meguey Baker

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Attention germs, viri, etc. It is really low to make people sick when the weather is lovely.
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They are jerks. They are having a shin-dig in my sinuses and they were not invited. Jerks.
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Day Two: Bunnies! We went to visit friends and play with nine baby bunnies! So much softness :)
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Meguey Baker

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Jane Piglet in her Rub My Belly! pose.

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Heeee so cutes!
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Day Five: Clerodendrum thomsoniae

This is my Glory Bower plant. It's one of the first things I see in the morning and the last things I see at night. It is about 20 years old, and I bought it when it fit in a little 2-quart pot. The one it's in now is three gallons, easy. It has amazing flowers that start as white balloons, then the deep magenta pistol bursts forth, then the whole thing turns deep dusty rose as the flower dies. I have successfully rooted two shoots from this plant. I am not super with house plants. An aloe, two Christmas cactus, a bromeliad, and a very tenacious spider plant have survived. The Glory Bower is water sensitive, and doesn't love cold. That I have kept it alive and thriving feels nice.

Tagging +Jennifer Cornish, because I miss her :) Jen, for the next five days, take a picture of something that's a regular part of your life and make a little post about it. Tag 1 to 5 people to take up the challenge.
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Lovely plant... I wonder if it would survive in the damp and cool Netherlands.

I am on a different challenge
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Day Five: Armor
My middle son is pretty skilled with the duck tape and foam. He made the helmet, sword, and arm guard in about an hour this morning.

Tagging +Joscelin le esqurel for this one. Take a picture of something in your everyday life and make a post about it each day for the next five days. Tag 1 to 5 people in as you like.

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These 5-day challenges now suddenly make more sense.
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Meguey Baker

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Sometimes things just work out exactly right. I am beyond grateful for those times.
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Day Three: After spending most of the day feeling very blah, I rallied the younger two boys and we went to the big wooden castle playground. A vigorous game of "tag/the wood chips are lava" ensued. It was warm enough to actually get sweaty!
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This looks strangely like the one by my old elementary school.
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I think this would make a neat layout for a quilt.
Perfect Squared Squares

It is easy to tile a square area using smaller square tiles that are all the same size as each other, but tiling a square area using smaller square tiles that are all of different sizes is much harder. 

This picture shows one possible way to tile a 1376 by 1376 square using smaller square tiles that are all of different sizes. The numbers in each smaller square denote the length of each of its sides, as opposed to its area. The solution in the picture has another remarkable property: it is not possible to form a rectangle from the union of a subset of the tiles, except in trivial ways. 

A rectangle that is partitioned into smaller squares is known as a squared rectangle. If the rectangle happens to be square, then it is known as a squared square. If all of the smaller squares have different sizes, the squared square is called perfect, and if no proper nontrivial union of the smaller squares forms a rectangle, the squared square is called simple. The configuration in the picture is therefore an example of a simple perfect squared square, or SPSS for short.

The history of perfect squared squares is surprisingly long. It starts in 1902 when H.E. Dudeney published a puzzle called Lady Isabel's Casket. The puzzle involves partitioning a square into different sized smaller squares together with a rectangle. In 1903, Max Dehn proved the key result that a rectangle can be tiled by squares if and only if its length is a rational multiple of its width. This result can be used to show that if a tiling by squares is possible, then the rectangle can be scaled in such a way that all of its side lengths, as well as all the side lengths of its constituent squares, are integers. Since 1903, a large number of examples of squared rectangles have been produced by many mathematicians. The history of the subject is surprisingly rich, and is recounted in detail in the paper by Stuart E. Anderson.

The simple perfect squared square in the picture was discovered in 2013 by James B. Williams using a computer search. It has the distinctive feature that none of the seven largest constituent squares (shaded in purple) appears as a corner piece (shaded in green).

Now I know what you're thinking. What happens if you try to construct a similar type of square tiling on a cylinder? Or a Möbius strip? Or a Klein bottle? Or a projective plane? And what happens if we use triangles instead of squares? Well, you'll be pleased to know that the site treats all these cases in detail. (You should have a look at the site, because it probably contains more detail than you are expecting.) The illustration here comes from that website, which is maintained by Stuart E. Anderson.

On the other hand, if you're wondering why people would want to study this, I don't have a good answer, except that it is challenging and aesthetically appealing.

#mathematics #sciencesunday #spnetwork arXiv:1303.0599
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I guarantee you could sell Fibonacci Quilts on Etsy any be a millionaire in under a year lol.
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I restore, conserve, or complete vintage textiles, as well as create new ones. I also write and play role-playing games,
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