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Adam Kelly (Eat Run Rehabilitate)
Certified Athletic Trainer, Runner, Cyclist, Fun.
Certified Athletic Trainer, Runner, Cyclist, Fun.


Feature Request: Allow Vibrations only for wearables instead of sound via the phone for trying to induce lucid dreams. Especially if the alarm is not set to vibrate on the smartwatch or use different vibration types, perhaps.

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Applying Fear Avoidance to Athletes: The Athlete Fear Avoidance Questionnaire (AFAQ)
Greetings Readers! I am excited to share some new and important research with all of you. The Journal of Athletic Training (JAT) released a new study for early publication on March 20th, 2015 titled Development and Validation of the Athlete Fear Avoidance Q...

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When Is Cryotherapy/Ice Supported By Research?
Howdy Readers! After yesterday's post ice seems to be a hot topic. I may have misled some of you yesterday with my thoughts on ice. Like many things in healthcare, science, and research the answers to questions are often shades of grey...not black and white...

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New Research Continues to Support the Ending of an “Ice-Age”.
-Thanks for pic, Hating on cryotherapy or “icing” musculoskeletal injuries
seems to be the flavor of the month thing to do. Decades of conventional wisdom
has told us that everything should be iced immediately after injury. RICE &
PRICE were so-so...

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My Top 5 Posts of 2014
Howdy Readers! It is that time of year again when everybody begins to look back and review the past year. 2014 was definitely a big year for myself professionally and personally. In fact, 2014 was my first full year of blogging since beginning to write back...

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Stiff Ankles Could Pose a Serious Risk When It Comes to ACL Injury Risk.
Howdy Folks, today I wanted to
discuss a growing body of literature that highlights a relationship between
ankle dorsiflexion and movement patterns (kinematics) that are associated with
anterior crucial ligament injuries. One such article that was recently

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November Blog Traffic & Income Report
Welcome readers to my second monthly traffic & income report. I started this tradition last month by reporting my statistics for October. You may have noticed that this is only my second post this week. I attribute this to it being finals week so the only t...

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Movie Monday: A Clinical Pearl For Assessing Great Toe Mobility
Another Monday means another movie to be shared with all of you. This week's video is a clinical pearl to keep in mind when assessing great toe dorsiflexion/extension (whatever nomenclature you like for sagittal plane motion at the great toe). This is espec...

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Movie Monday: Tibial Internal Rotation Self-Mobilization
Good Morning Readers! As you may have noticed last week was a busy week for me with the holidays and I only ended up getting one post done for all of you. My fiance and I actually drove across the country to see family and then had to drive back. I don't re...

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Movie Monday: An Easy Way To Assess for Glute Inhibition
Howdy Folks. Today's video is a simple test that I use when assessing gluteus maximus function of my patients.  I learned this test from Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS, the author of Anatomy For Runners and he also taught it as part of his Healthy Running seminar. ...
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