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Any Verizon owners notice a VZW text in the upper left on the lock screen? Don't remember that ever being there

Anyone have their vibration suddenly stop working? I bought the 5" Pixel from Best Buy last week. It was working great, even went and bought an Otterbox case along with a Zagg screen protector. This morning, I noticed the vibration stopped working on it. Didn't work for keyboard, vibrate on tap, calls, etc. Went through Google Support and did troubleshooting and even a factory reset, nothing worked. Anyone else had this issue? If so, were you able to rectify it?

Anyone experiencing excessive heat while browsing Facebook, searching, etc? Especially towards the top of the phone.

Is the Pixel C worth getting?

I've had the Nexus 2012 and 2013 editions. The latter I still have, but the USB port is very sensitive and doesn't always stay in properly.

So looking for a replacement. Is it fairly usable without the keyboard or is it basically a necessity?

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did u just catch ? 
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Via @i0n1c on twitter. Awesome :D

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