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Looking forward to this #LPhangout. Don George is #travel  writing royalty!

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Love the way Google plays with these Mr. Jingle animations. The one for Halloween was super cute too!
I may have had too much pie :D

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Looking forward to this #lphangout. May have to taste test a few worldy IPAs afterwards ;)
Destination Editor for Asia (North), and resident hop head, +Megan Eaves, will be chatting to Neil 'Mr. World' Taylor from independent beer brand, +BrewDog, who have bars from Sao Paulo to Stockholm. Neil oversees the brand's international bars and is in charge of finding new sites and cities around the globe.

During the chat, we'll be touching on the emergence of beer scenes in varying destinations around the world and how this contributes and helps to shape to the culture of a place.

Click 'yes' to pop this broadcast into your calendar and watch on at 3pm GMT Friday 07 October.

Post your questions to answer and topics to discuss, for Neil and Megan, to the hasthag  #lphangout  on Twitter, or just hear in the comments box to left!

For more beer-y Lonely Planet inspiration check out:
Or, dive into our broader look at food and drink abroad, here:

#craftbeer   #travel   #lonelyplanet  

Event header image by: Yusuke Kawasaki via Flickr.

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One of our #lonelyplanet  authors trialling out #googleglass , whilst researching!
A trip down Ropewalk (Maltby St Market) to find Jensen's Gin #throughglass   #gin   #london  #lonelyplanet #distilling

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Getting some tips for my next big trip (whenever that may be)...

Join Lonely Planet and our panel of experts as we discuss all things RTW travel. If you're considering a long term/distance trip, are about to embark on your gap year or fancy a career break, tune in to hear our tips and tricks to make sure your trip goes smoothly.

Have a burning question? Post them here or tweet using the hashtag #lphangout .

The panel:

Arianwen Morris of
Arianwen has spent the past two years backpacking solo in South America, New Zealand and Australia. She has just completed a working holiday in Sydney and is currently making her way from Mexico to Costa Rica. Recent adventures include piloting a stunt plane, hiking on a glacial volcano, defying gravity with a jetpack and swimming with 8-metre whale sharks.

Nate Robert of
Nate Robert has been travelling the world since 2012, and documenting his infamously off-the-beaten-path travels at Highlights so far have included entering Iran on a one-way ticket with no visa, being captured by Armenian border guards for 73 hours, and contemplating life at a Transnistrian bride auction. His hobbies include street photography, collecting very small rocks from beaches around the world, and writing interesting author bios.

Lonely Planet author, Jenny Walker
Jenny Walker has been writing guidebooks for Lonely Planet for over a decade, specialising in the Middle East.  She is a long-term resident of Muscat where she works as an Associate Dean at a large engineering college.  In her spare time she is writing a PhD on the perception of the Arabic Orient in English contemporary literature.  At the last count, she had visited 112 countries from Panama to Mongolia on various assignments and for the simple pleasure of it.  She is currently working on the new edition of LP’s Jordan guidebook.

For more information on Round the World travel, check out:


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#BlogStock  with +Emma Sparks, on behalf of #lonelyplanet  :)
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