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Crabs, Assemble!, Part Twenty-Nine: Acts of Vengeance! Crossovers Omnibus
 Yes, I'm reviewing the crossovers before I review the main storyline.....  I was actually reading ACTS OF VENGEANCE! CROSSOVERS OMNIBUS at the same time as ACTS OF VENGEANCE! OMNIBUS and THE AVENGERS BY JOHN BYRNE OMNIBUS, which made for a lot of muscle-bu...

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Crabs, Assemble!, Part Twenty-Eight: Atlantis Attacks Omnibus
 As we near the end of the "Crabs, Assemble!" Avengers binge-read, we take a short detour under da sea....Join me, won't you?  I have to say, I'm getting good and sick of reading nothing (Almost nothing...) but Avengers stories. There are four books left be...

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Michael Jackson: Rewind- The Life & Legacy of Pop Music's King, by Daryl Easlea
Regardless of how you may feel about the man, Michael Jackson left a tremendous musical legacy, and he lived a strange, fascinating life. Daryl Easlea's gorgeous coffee-table book MICHAEL JACKSON: REWIND- THE LIFE & LEGACY OF POP MUSIC'S KING offers up a be...

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Crabby Movie Review: Logan
 Is Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine the greatest thing since sliced bread, as the critics and fans would have you believe...?  Not really.  I'll start out by saying that I'm not the biggest fan of director James Mangold's movies. Of his body of fil...

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 This was a phenomenal adaptation...every bit as good as the source material. The same team was rumored to be gearing up to adapt King's 'Salem's Lot, but that seems to be a dead project.

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Crabs, Assemble!, Part Twenty-Seven: Avengers West Coast: Vision Quest
The downfall of The Scarlet Witch begins here. (And would continue for nearly two decades....)  The legendary John Byrne returned to The Avengers big-time in 1989, taking over both monthly AVENGERS titles. Byrne wrote THE AVENGERS, and wrote and illustrated...

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Crabs, Assemble!, Part Twenty-Six: X-Men: Inferno Crossovers
 "What does this have to do with a massive binge-read of THE AVENGERS...?" , you might ask. I'll tell you....  One of the joys of having about 15 years worth of unread comics piled into your man-cave is that, somewhere in that pile, you probably have at lea...

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Dead on the Bones: Pulp on Fire, by Joe R. Lansdale, with illustrations by Timothy Truman
 Return to those thrilling pulp adventures of yesteryear, with champion mojo storyteller Joe Lansdale....  With DEAD ON THE BONES: PULP ON FIRE , Lansdale and publisher Subterranean Press have created a perfect pulp fiction pastiche, expertly capturing the ...

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Crabs, Assemble!. Part Twenty-Five: The Evolutionary War Omnibus
 Journey back in time, to when annual crossover events were just a gleam in Marvel's collective eye.....  In 1988, I was a lapsed comic-book reader. I pretty much dropped out of the hobby in 1985, due to teenage ennui and lack of funds. By 1988, I had my fi...

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Crabs, Assemble!, Part Twenty-Four: The Avengers: Heavy Metal
 I should have jumped ship with Roger Stern....  Legendary AVENGERS scribe Roger Stern, as detailed in a letters column reprinted in this very book, was fired after a disagreement over a future plotline. (Neither editor Mark Gruenwald or Stern gets into gre...
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