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Word Mobile Viking en bel, sms, surf goedkoper!

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New day New giveaway::

This time in collaboration with Dev +Miroslav Novosvetsky​ we are giving away promo code for callblock app to unlock it's pro features!!

Features- - Efficient call blocking features
- You can set your smart call blocker to block numbers

Rules- - Follow +Miroslav Novosvetsky
- Reshare the post with #callblock
- Comment Here

20 winners will be selected on Tuesday so untill that keep resharing!!!

If you can't wait please buy the pro version from app to support Dev +Miroslav Novosvetsky

Hurry up!!! Good luck!!!

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Giveaway: EX Kernel Manager pro

Ultimate tool for performance tuning, maximizing battery life, tweaking color, sound, gestures and other kernel settings. EXKM gives you total control over your hardware with premium features and a beautifully optimized material design user interface. But remember, you should be rooted!

How to Enter the giveaway
🔹 Reshare this post with #exkernel_giveaway
🔹comment on this post
🔹+1 this post

Winners will be announced in 4 days. Till then keep resharing

Can't wait? Buy the app, support the dev!

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Edge Gestures Giveaway

From the same dev that built Total launcher and SquareHome launcher!

The name of the app is pretty self-explanatory and i would suggest you to try downloading it if you can't wait to win it as its already low priced!!

To participate in the giveaway you have to

1) Share the initial post
2) Comment on the post
3) +1 the post


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I ordered one. Great way to organize and carry your keys.

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Giveaway time!!

This time Iconstructor - Icon pack maker by +milosch lee

Design and build your own icon packs

Pro Features:

- Remove ads
- Remove icon request limit
- Access to library of prebuilt icons
- Icon requests are given top priority


- follow +milosch lee
- comment I'm in and reshare with #iconstructor

25 winners will be chosen after 72 hours from now!!

If you can't wait buy the app to support dev:

Hurry up!! Atb!!

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Promo code giveaway: Folio for facebook pro

The best wrapper for Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr.

How to participate :
1. Follow +Jorell Rutledge​​​
2. Join this community
3. Download folio free
4. After following above steps comment I'm done

If you can't follow all steps you are in eligible and considered as invalid entry

60 winners will be chosen on Saturday August

Hurry up!!

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Whats going on today?
One more giveaway for an epic app i know since i used since i had android (probably 4-5 years ago)
The beautiful adw launcher has never been neglected... The dev just had to many personal things going on that caused the huge material update to take more time than he ever expected....
To get the material update you have to sign as a beta tester first through the link found in the following community ....
To win a promo of this wonderful launcher you have to

1) Willing to give complete and helpful feedback to the dev
2) +1 the post
3) comment
4) reshare
5) Join adw 2.0 community (link above)

10+ codes will be available for the winners that will be chosen in a week from now!!!

Good luck!!!
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