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Pamela Ryckman
Author, STILETTO NETWORK, and freelance journalist
Author, STILETTO NETWORK, and freelance journalist

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Love animal crackers, hate the junk inside?
Try my friend Erika’s amazing GOOD ZEBRA Spirit Animal Crackers — half-price! Good Zebra snacks are all-natural (sweetened with honey and coconut, not sugar), protein-packed, and delicious. My kids love them too.
I know they seem expensive (at the moment they’re sold in packs of 12), but at $4/bag they’re comparable in price to other high-end snack foods.
So here’s an opportunity for all of us to get 50% off. Enjoy!

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51 artists, but just 3 women: A large exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art showcases many famous artists from the last 50 years, but with a big lack of the XX chromosome.

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"We are direct competitors, fighting for the same funding, the same publicity and a share of the same demographic. But the women's political world that we belong to is groundbreaking in our commitment to work together to get more women elected, rather than to pull each other down to elevate our own groups."

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Right now it is an enormous opportunity: to redefine what being a female leader means, on every level -- even with clothing.

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Eric Barker scores again & helps us to score big ourselves.Here are his steps needed to become an "expert," or as we call it +Temin and Company  -- an A++++++ player:
-Be in it for the long haul.
--Find a mentor
--Start with what's important.
-"Train like you fight."
--Use "desirable difficulty". Easy in, easy out. Your brain encodes info better when you struggle.
--Get fast, negative feedback.
--Study less. Test more. Test before the test and the test will go better.
--Naps are steroids for your brain

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My Tues morning just got better

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"No amount of ugly truth scares me. It's just information to make a decision."

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"The real issue... is corporate America’s overreliance on [women's conferences] to fix deep and systemic issues. Expecting biases and policies to change based on occasional training and motivational speeches is simply ridiculous. So is making women the sole torchbearers for changing the culture."

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"You have to be willing, every once in a while, to jump, and it's absolutely terrifying."

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At Delta, a group of women pilots have banded together through a private Facebook page and have approached their union with formal proposals for paid maternity leave — unheard-of at the major airlines — because they say they would like to stay home to breast-feed their babies.
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