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Bari Weinberger
Managing Partner at Weinberger Law Group in New Jersey
Managing Partner at Weinberger Law Group in New Jersey

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On behalf of Weinberger Law Group, I did the #ALSicebucketchallenge, but with a twist! We are not only helping to raise awareness and making a donation to ALS, but we've decided to take all that COLD water we dumped and turn it into a pay-it-forward bucket of HOT water to help our friends over at Eva's Village, located right here in New Jersey.
The Paterson-based organization acts as a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, education center, free dental clinic, and much, much more. With fall and winter on the way, we pledge to provide the Hope Residence shelter at Eva's Village with ONE MONTH of heat and hot water.
You can help too by going to to find out more about the ice bucket challenge, or head over to to find out how you can help donate food, care or more hot water to the Hope Residence in New Jersey.
Who is Bari challenging to take part? None other than Dale Calvert, CEO of Eva's Village, and anchorwoman Della Crews from News 12 New Jersey!

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WLG's Bari Weinberger offers +NJBIZ her thoughts on current issues and recent changes to divorce laws in New Jersey. #Alimony reform? A faster, easier way to #divorce? Changes in #palimony law? Here's Bari's take:

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Congratulations to two of our attorneys, Allison Holzman and Jason Tuchman, who have been named "Top 10 Family Law Attorneys Under 40" by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys! It's a well-deserved recognition for both!

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Congratulations to WLG attorneys Allison Holzman and Jason Tuchman! Both have been named among this year's Top 10 Family Law Attorneys Under 40 by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys. This is a huge honor and well-deserved recognition. See the complete Northern New Jersey list here:

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We are delighted to be hosting a LIVE Family Law Q & A on Facebook next Tuesday, May 6th, when our attorneys will be on hand to answer questions about child custody, visitation, alimony and even Prenuptial agreements, as wedding season is almost upon us.  
Do you have a burning question about an aspect of Family Law? Follow our +Weinberger Law Group Facebook page so you don't miss out! 
#DivorceFAQ   #prenuptialagreements  

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The New Jersey Child Support Amnesty Week begins today:  so what does this actually mean for parents who have fallen behind with their child support payments?  In this article in the +Burlington County Times that brings attention to this initiative, I highlight how this one time opportunity can help parents get back on track, look at ways to set up a reasonable payment plan or even discuss the possible discharge of an active warrant.  
I am hopeful that this amnesty will help some children in New Jersey get money from the non-custodial parent that would otherwise have been defaulted.
#ChildSupport #ChildSupportAmnesty

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Do you NEED an attorney for your divorce or can you do it as Pro Se litigant (a DIY divorce)?  I am often asked this and in this short video, I answer this question

The divorce process can be complex.  No matter what route you ultimately decide to take, I thoroughly recommend that ask your divorce lawyer for a free initial legal consultation.  It is so important to get informed and to work out the right process for you, going forwards.

More Videos in my Divorce FAQs series:

#divorceattorney   #DIYDivorce   #njdivorceattorney

We are delighted that Weinberger Law Group has been nominated as one of the Best Places to Work in New Jersey by +NJBIZ for 2014. 

We have a strong commitment to making our company one of the best places to work in New Jersey and I am honored that our staff and attorneys at Weinberger Law Group recognize this and have nominated us for this award. 

We are looking forward to the +NJBIZ awards dinner and ceremony on May,1st and thank the sponsors Gibbons P.C. and +MetLife GardenStateCouncil SHRM and EANJ

#bestplacestowork   #divorceattorney  

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How long does it take to get a divorce?  In this short video, I answer a question frequently asked by #divorce clients and give an approximate timescale.  Naturally, every case is different and it depends upon the complexity of each individual situation. 
Watch out for more #divorceFAQs in this video series. 
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