I'll chip in to this topic to share a realization i had today: Change management and Innovation management (à la Lean Startup) ought to be combined together to help organizations move/evolve/adapt.

But here's the problem: the XXth Century organizational paradigm was designed with the (mostly) implicit assumption that organizations were meant to bring stability and predictability around productive (or value adding) processes. They inherently push the participants to following the almighty process, and vary as little as possible that process. 

Cultivating innovation (aka adapting to an ever changing economical and social environment), demands accepting and dealing face to face with high unpredictability, and according to Lean startup, separate, different methods of management.

What this leads me to think is that organizations need to integrate at least some of the modes of thought that this demands, but this in turns implies that they have to accept at least some reduction of the stability. In other words, they have to become flexible, and therefore need to start living like the adaptation they need to do continuously are part of the daily matters and workload.

While ISO and such have helped us make our processes explicit, we now need them to be more and more fluid and changeable (while still "manageable").

If you've come this far in the post, i'd love to see what you think about it, and if you have suggestions and pointers about how to deal with the ever-evolving-organization challenge, please let me know.
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