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Aimee Maree
Developer, CMS Afficinado, 1337h4X0r, GPL Advocate, Enterprise Architect
Developer, CMS Afficinado, 1337h4X0r, GPL Advocate, Enterprise Architect

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Hi all +Charlie Kravetz +Charlie Carter I have told a friend of mine Louis C about the group and he has requested to join, he works in the area of accessibility automation and I think he would gain alot from shared info :) 

Morning all, trying to work in some testing patterns for a11y within my team, what are most people using for basic reporting these days (aka before you call the Auditor for a full report more so for a quick stop gap measure for dev) I have used webaim but is there better tools these day?

for a11y auditing your site gets taken through W3C Jigsaw validation but SCSS does not validate correctly even pre complied I have had no problem with LESS etc but it seems with SCSS there is alot more linting etc that needs to get done to get it to read it right? anyone know anything aka validation for SCSS? any quick tips etc seeing some big issues on a site that I doing web a11y engineering for

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Hi all, going to start accessibility testing with OSX VoiceOver application is there any tips or gotchas that I might experience that would be different to NVDA? 

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According to SitePoint, JavaScript pays better than C#. Again, Java pays a bit better right now.  But as demand for JavaScript grows, you can expect the pay to increase as well.

The biggest insult you can say to a person who has spent the past 15years or more in technical roles is "show me your github" #Programming

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Ok this is quite interesting 3D printed pills will this disrupt the medical system? Who knows stranger things have happened

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Munich now a major contributor to open source

The city of Munich is a major contributor to free and open source projects, sending bugfixes to upstream developers, making available software solutions and sharing best practices and technical information. In August, Munich IT staff members shared the city’s accomplishments with the community of Debian developers, one of the main free software distributions.
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