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With the weather now getting warmer, it is the perfect time for NW Window Repairs to start offering our Colour Changing Service to you all.

If you are unsure what colour would suit your windows or doors, then head over to our website, with our unique "view your house" feature.

Just take a photograph of your house, upload it on to the website at a refundable* cost, and view your house securely and privately - helping you select the right colour for you!

So why delay? Visit NW Window Repairs website today more more information

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Good afternoon all.

NW Window Repairs is a specialist in repairing Windows and Doors in and around North London, as well as Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Established for many years, and with a history in the industry dating back over 40 years, NW Window Repairs works with many Luton based Letting agencies, helping their landlords and tenants receive competitive quotes on all their window and door repair / replacement needs.

And we can help you.

With FREE, No obligation quotes, NW Window Repairs would like to reach out to all letting agencies in the North London area, and would relish the chance to be the first point of contact should any of your clients need repairs.

Please contact us on 0208 935 5076, or email for further information.

Thank you,
Gary Evans
Company Operations Executive
NW Window Repairs

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As we all know, the final hurdle to Christmas is upon us. Without looking at any National Statistics, but going from our own experience, we know that this time of year is when house burglaries will start to soar - especially in to the second week of December.
We urge all of you to go around and double check that all of your windows and doors are securely locked each time you leave your home.
If you have been putting off getting that lock fixed on your windows or doors, then now is the time to do it.

Please don't let your Christmas be spoiled, and give NW Window Repairs a call - even if it is just for some free advice on how to install your own lock.

From the 1st December up until the 1st January 2016, we will give all of our customers a comprehensive Home Security Check FREE OF CHARGE! This is worth £150 at any other time.

NW Window Repairs would rather you have a secure home for Christmas, as is our way of saying thank you to our customers.

So don't just be safe this Christmas - be NW Window Repairs Safe.

Merry Christmas from all of us at NW Window Repairs.

Call: Beds & Herts - 01582 241 529
Call: North London - 0208 935 5076

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3 Tips to Stop Burglars This Christmas

In the run up to Christmas, everyone is getting gifts sorted. These gifts are inevitably stored in your home for several weeks, with expensive gifts tucked safely away in your wardrobes.

Unfortunately burglars know this as well.

At this time of year, burglary increases 10 fold. Opportunists try their luck at breaking in to your home to steal your hard earned money and gifts, leaving you feeling blue at a time when excitement should be strife!

So what can you do to make sure you don’t give these burglars a chance? NW Window Repairs have a 3 point check-list for you to run through:

1) Make sure all your windows and doors close in the correct way.

This may be an obvious thing to do, but many people shut their windows and doors believing that the house is secure. However, there may be the slightest gap in the frame, giving a potential burglar the opportunity to gain quick entry in to your property.

2) Check your windows and doors for any cracked glass.

Cracked glass means a weakened unit. A weakened unit means an opportunity. It will take less effort for a burglar to break the glass and get in, if there is an existing break to work with.

3) Make sure your windows and doors lock correctly.

This is something people may take for granted. The window is shut, the door is shut, there are no cracks in the glass – the property is safe. But this is never the case! If your windows and doors are not locked, burglars will be able to get in more easily, and quietly. Yes they may have to break the glass first, but with a locked window, they will not be able to get in to your home. 

NW Window Repairs Can Help Keep Your Home Safe

Although these 3 points obviously won’t stop a burglar trying their luck, but they will all help eliminating a potential break in – and the inevitable loss of your items.   

NW Window Repairs can help repair any problem you have with your windows and doors. We can fix your locks, change your hinges to make them close in the correct way, and replace any broken or cracked glass for you.

If you are unfortunate enough to have someone break in to your home, NW Window Repairs will be able to help you sort out the problems, and get your property up to standard for you.

So be happy this Christmas. Give NW Window Repairs a call today, and we can help keep your home safe from burglars.

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire – CALL: 01582 241529
North London – CALL: 0208 935 5076

Email us at: for more information.

#WindowRepairs #DoorRepairs #Burglary #Christmas #KeepSafe #Bedfordshire #Hertfordshire #NorthLondon #NWWindowRepairs
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3 Reasons You May Be Feeling Colder This Winter

Ever wonder why each year your heating bill seems to keep rising? Has the cost of your gas supplier gone up? Or are you having to leave the heating on for longer than you used to? The usual scenario is the latter, yet people don’t seem to realise. Yes energy prices have been rising and will continue to do so, but NW Window Repairs can give you 3 reasons why this may not be the reason you are spending more…

1) The first problem many people find when their heating has been turned on for the first time since the winter before, is that their house no longer seems as warm as it should / used to be. There may be a simple reason for this: Drafty windows!

2) Feeling cold? Know you have checked your windows for drafts? Then your windows may simply not be up to standard. Sure, they may keep in the heat well and keep your house warm – but do you find that you have to keep your heating on for that little bit longer each day? You will find that by upgrading your existing windows to a Low Energy Double Glazed Unit, you can keep the heat in for longer - allowing you to turn your heating off that little bit earlier!

3) Your’ window doesn’t shut correctly! This is something a lot of people will not realise, but sometimes you may close your windows and believe that they are shut fully, however there may be a little gap which allows the heat to escape – and the cold air to enter! Something simple as changing a handle or a hinge will sort this little problem out!

So don’t throw your money down the drain by having your heating on constantly! Call in the experts! NW Window Repairs can fix all of these problems and more – and all our quotations are free of charge, with no obligations. We don’t believe in the hard sell of our company, we simply believe in giving you the best options and advice we can, at a cost you will love!

So don’t delay, call NW Window Repairs today! 


Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire: CALL 01582 241 529
North London: CALL 0208 935 5076

Email us at:
Check out our website:

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Yell and Trust A Trader

#FeelingCold   #DoubleGlazing   #SaveMoney   #Heating   #Windows   #Doors   #Bedfordshire   #Hertfordshire   #NorthLondon   #NWWindowRepairs  
Home - NW Window Repairs
Home - NW Window Repairs
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NW Window Repairs now has an established office in North London!

Do you need your windows and doors looked at by a professional repair company? Do you need a competitive price for the work? Do you want the reliability of an established company with over 15 years in the window and door business? Then look no further than NW Window Repairs!

We specialise in the repair of your existing windows and doors, with costly replacement as a last option - not a first as many of our competitors would think!

Call us on 0208 935 5076 today for your FREE, NO OBLIGATION quotation on all your window and door repair needs.
Or email us today at

NW Window Repairs - Now in business from Luton to London!

483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS

#NorthLondon   #WindowRepairs   #DoorRepairs   #Specialist    
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Drafty Windows

Do you have drafty windows in you house? Do you sit with the heating on thinking it shouldn't still be this cold? Are you forever having to wrap up warm just to sit in your own front room? NW Window Repairs can help you out!

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own home due to a draft from your windows. Most people will probably think their only option is to replace the window straight away to solve the problem. But before you do, speak to NW Window Repairs.

We can inspect your drafty window to check for the following problems:

* Loose joints in the window mechanism
* Weatherstripping damage
* Rotting or faulty hardwear
* Is the window shutting correctly

These 4 things all contribute to a drafty window, and can easily be fixed at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows. This is something NW Window Repairs believes should be the first course of action for any drafty window.

Heat Loss Glass

If the only action to be taken is to replace your drafty windows, NW Window Repairs recommend using a Heat Loss Glass for the job.
Heat Loss Glass (or Heat Reflecting Glass) is a sealed, double glazed unit that can be filled with an argon gas which improves your insulation. Basically speaking, it stops the heat from escaping out of your windows!)

NW Window Repairs will always try and find the most cost-effective way of repairing your drafty windows before we replace, which helps make us unique from a lot of other companies out there.

So if you are sitting, wrapped up in a blanket trying to save your hard earned cash to replace your windows, give us a call! You will be surprised at what you could save!
Call: 01582 241529 (Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire)
Call: 0208 935 5076 (North London)

#DraftyWindows #WindowRepairs #SaveMoney #WindowReplacement #HeatLoss
Home - NW Window Repairs
Home - NW Window Repairs
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Well we had another busy week last week here at NW Window Repairs - something which we love and thrive on!

As you know, we have started to roll out our expansion plan to head towards North London. This has been something we were looking at doing for a while now, but are now in the position of being able to start to put it all into place!

Last week was jobs in and around Bedfordshire. A nice mix of repairing windows and giving our very competitive quotations to customers. 

With our annual leave coming up from the 9th November, we are trying to make sure we can get to our customers as quickly as possible - something which we are managing to do so far!

Don't forget we are on Trust A Trader, and any reviews you would like to leave us would be great!

Please remember to spread the word about our North London expansion! Word of mouth about NW Window Repairs is always highly appreciated!

A huge thanks to our wonderful customers from last week, and we look forward to working for you all again soon.

Until next time, take care!

#expansion   #NorthLondon   #WindowRepairs   #DoorRepairs   #Bedfordshire   #Hertfordshire  

NW Window Repairs
Call: 01582 241 529
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NW Window Repairs is currently expanding our services to reach the North London area!
We are in the process of getting the advertising, webpage, van signs etc rolled out, ready for the end of November!

So please spread the word! 

From Luton to London, Window and Door Repairs and Refurbishments - From NW Window Repairs

#WindowRepairs #DoorRepairs #Luton #Bedfordshire #Hertfordshire #NorthLondon
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